Punset is a family-owned estate since 4 generation. Marina Marcarino, owner and winemaker, is the first of the family starting since very young to run the winery as a job. Before of her Punset was a lovely hobby started with her grand-grand-father (the family business was constructions) and wine was made for family use. Marina, at the age of 20, while still student, switched the vineyard to organic growing. It was year 1982 and this was the only estate working organic in the whole region (even one of the very few in Italy). With the first Italian organic regulation, in 1987, the winery officially git the certification, showing the first organic label in year 1991. Since year 1990 Punset uses biodynamic practices as well and in year 2007 Marina was fascinated by the Masanobu Fukuoka agricultural method and started to follow it for growing the vineyards. Marina Marcarino strongly believes in the typicity and uniqueness of the terroir, in the expression of the variety and, for that reason, since the beginning of the nineties she decided to work totally natural in the winemaking too, skipping selected yeast in favor of indigenous, avoiding strong clarifications, stabilizations and filtrations. A very low addition of sulfites before bottling support the wine for the long aging.
Punset wines get long refining, and they are released on the market when balanced and expressive, able to last for many years.  Settled in Neive, in the Langhe Region, the core product of Punset is the Barbaresco wine which represents the main expression of the philosophy described. The estate, 17 hectares, only grown autochthonous varieties: Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Barbera, Arneis and Nascetta, in harmony with Marina’s thought.
What we like to underline is that the winery philosophy is against to slip in the “strange corner” of organic and natural. Our thinking is that organic should be the plus and all the wines should stand on the market with high quality and appreciation, together with the wine world. In the year, best wine critics and guides give to Punset wines outstanding scores and reviews, confirming that it is possible to work organic and natural with high quality standards.


Barbaresco Basarin Riserva
Grape: nebbiolo 100%
Italy - Neive - CN
Langhe Arneis
Grape variety: 100% Arneis
Italy - Neive - CN