A vegetable oil that contains the highest amounts of essential fatty acids, especially Omega-3, that cannot be produced by the human or animal body. Because of its high vitamin E content, it is an antioxidant and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It helps prevent exercise-induced muscle soreness and can also be useful for maintaining normal cholesterol levels.
Attention! Patients taking anticoagulants and patients with haemophilia should only use the product under medical supervision.
Some plain cream cheese sprinkled with linseed oil and some chopped red onions makes a great and healthy breakfast.
Athletes are advised to consume a tablespoon of it every day, even on its own.

Virgin Oil Press Kft.
Grapoila vegetable oils are produced with the use of a clean and environmentally friendly cold-pressing technology, without any additives or preservatives. During cold-pressing we only use mechanical force to obtain the oil from the seeds. This way their valuable nutritional properties remain unchanged: the unsaturated fatty acids and the vitamins will not be decomposed during the process, so they can strengthen our health or nourish our skin. Our environmentally friendly "zero waste" technology ensures that are not any unused by-products. Every part of the incoming raw materials will be used for production, primarily for food products, but also for cosmetics and animal feed as well. We currently use 20 types of seeds from we press oil, produce seed flour, seed butter and cosmetic products. The oils are packaged in dark coloured glass bottles to conserve their outstanding quality as long as possible. We are proud that our organic Corn Germ Oil has won the Great Taste star in both 2018 and 2019. In 2019 the Grapoila organic Sunflower Seed Oil has won 2-star award at the Great Taste contest. In 2020 our Grape Seed Oil and Mustard Seed Oil were awarded with stars, as well as our organic Sunflower Seed Oil. In 2021 the Apricot Kernel Oil was awarded with the star. Besides the oils, our seed flours were honoured as well at the same contest: in 2020 the Sunflower Seed Flour and organic Pumpkin Seed Flour won 2 stars, in 2021 the Hazelnut Flour won a star as well. It is our mission to educate people to become more health and environmentally conscious. Our constantly widening organic product range consists of products manufactured on our certified production lines. The organic products are made of raw materials that have exceptional nutritional values and originate from certified organic agricultures.
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