The green organic Nocellara olives, are made processing organic olives of the variety Nocellara del Belice, the typical olives of the south-west coast area, in which we have our factory. The processing method used allows to have an olive with a delicate, pleasant and suitable flavour and an olive good for all preparations: salads, aperitifs, bread and pizzas, etc.
The green organic Nocellara olives Cusà are available in different packaging, also private label.
The packaging available (good for export) are the following:

  • Glass jar (Drained weight: 180g/310g/650g/1800g – shelf life: 24 months)
  • Can (Drained weight: 2500g – shelf life: 24 months)
  • Plastic Bucket (Drained weight: 500g/1000g/2500g/5000g – shelf life: 24 months)


Societa' Agricola Pisciotta srls
We produce the (local) autochthonous Nocellara del Belice Olives DOP (Protected Denomination of Origin) by three generations.
The company has the total control of the complete chain of production from the cultivation, harvesting, processing an packaging, possessing more than 30 ha of olives grove on its own and a consolidated network of lenders
The production is done in the industrial plant in “Campobello di Mazara” town. It’s equipped by production and packaging systems which, while respecting artisan production methods, ensure a high and flexible production capacity.
The company operates in the Italian and international market, even with large customers.
The range of products is positioned in the medium-high segment of the market, both in the HORECA and in RETAIL and GDO channel.
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