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Coup de Foudre 2019
White wine
“Coup de Foudre” is the first wine harvested at the Domaine, usually within the first week of September. The resulting wine is a blend of three Mediterranean white grape varieties; Grenache Blanc, Roussanne and Vermentino. The grapes are grown on two distinct soil types; the first plot is situated near the entrance to the Domaine on clay limestone and the second on schist at an altitude of 400m.
Orbelus Prima 2012 Red Wine
Early Melnik 55, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Petit Verdot
Dried prunes, herbs, cinnamon and dark chocolate in the nose. The palate is structured, the middle palate – velvety. The finish is slightly dry, spicy with a hint of bitterness.
The wine is filled in 750 ml glass bottles closed with natural cork and packed in carboard cases of 6 bottles.
Vin Orange - Kvevri
This orange wine is vinified in one of the Georgian kvevris installed at the winery. All our grapes are manually selected and harvested. For these kvevri wines mostly Riesling and Pinot Blanc are used. After harvesting the grapes are destemmed. Skin maceration takes place during 1 to 5 months. The wine then ages in the kvevri for 1 to 5 more months on lees.
This orange wine reveals at first the typical citrus notes of a grape variety. Plunging deeper into what this orange wine has to offer, a rare complexity and elegance are uncovered. A "Kox Coup de coeur"!
Poderesabbioni Rosso Piceno
Poderesabbioni - Piceno DOC - sustainable viticulture - 0.75 L bottle of red wine numbered on the label.
Martúe is the winery's star wine, an exhaustive blend of 33% Syrah, 21% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Petit Verdot and 19% Malbec and 7% Merlot.
It is a rich, fresh wine, with good aging capacity, round and with fine tannin.
Preparation: Harvesting of the grapes at their optimum moment of maturation at night harvest. Artisanal elaboration, fermentation with native yeasts, long macerations. The wine has been in French oak barrels for 10 months.
The soil: Our limestone, saline and very nutrient-poor soils produce elegant and powerful wines of high quality.
Climate: Extreme temperatures typical of the continental climate with hot, dry summers and cold, dry winters. A wide range of night-day temperatures is observed during the ripening months of the grapes, from July to September, which allows for greater synthesis of polyphenols at night.
Jaume Grau I Grau AVRVM
Organic white wine (vintage 2020) made with Sauvignon blanc (90%) and Picapoll (10%) . Very fresh and fruity in nose and mouth. Very good acidity and well balanced, long and elegant finish. Good pairing with seafood and light food.
Wine inside Designation of Origin Pla de Bages.
El Vol De L’aliga Red
EL VOL DE L’ALIGA RED is our latest proposal, and it belongs to a series of exclusive microvinifications, made with special attention to small details.
We try to express through the wines, our close connection with the territory in which we develop our work daily. That’s why Vol de l’Aliga is inspired on the majestic flight of the Bonelli’s eagle that nests on the forest surrounding our winery.
EL VOL DE L’ALIGA RED is a red wine made from Grenache and Carignan. It’s been aged for five months in amphorae. It’s a fruit-driven wine, juicy and with ripe tannins.
It’s the first organic wine from Viticultors del Priorat, the evidence of our commitment with the magic environment in which we coexist within.
Vinos De Altura – Altitude Wines – Bobal Red
Winery: Vinos De Altura
Wine: Vinos De Altura – altitude wines Bobal red
Launch:  January 2021
Vintage: 2019
Variety:  Bobal 100%
Origin: Cuenca
Total production: 50.000 l.
SISTO V - Marche Igt rosso
This is a very modern, powerful and structured red wine with hints of red fruit and a delicate vanilla making it both soothing and elegant.
Demoiselle 2019
Red Wine
“Demoiselle” is a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Merlot, grown on schists and clay limestone soils.
It is a turbulent wine which likes to wear the rich, soft robes of the Pays d’Aude appellation and also run after the Mediterranean sunshine. It would like to visit the entire world without losing its breath, complementing all types of food from rich meats to refined spices, not forgetting the terroir of its origins.