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Sundown Gin
This fruity, mild, and very aromatic gin is produced from oranges, grapefruit, sea buckthorn and juniper. This gin receives its natural fruity aroma and taste from fresh oranges and grapefruits, which are produced on an organic farm in Mallorca, Spain. These fresh fruits arrive to the Berlin Distillery, where fresh zests are peeled from the fruit and put directly into the still for distillation. In addition, juniper from the Balkan region and organic sea buckthorn from the Berlin area are used for this unique gin. The botanicals are each distilled separately in a 40 litre still in the Berlin Distillery and then blended into a dry gin. No additives, artificial or natural aromas, sugar, colouring nor concentrates are used for this gin.
Berlin Night Gin
The Berlin Night Gin is a very popular gin in bars, nightclubs and for private consumers as a give-away, or to enjoy by themselves. It is a classical gin, in which juniper and fresh lemon peel are the dominant flavours and aromas. A subtle note of Thai herbs supports the juniper and lemon. This gin is produced from organic juniper from the Balkan region and freshly peeled zests from organic lemons originating from a farm in Mallorca, Spain, lemon grass, Thai basil, and kaffir lime leaves as well as organic neutral spirit. All botanicals are individually distilled in a 40 litre still in the Berlin Distillery and then blended into a dry gin. The distilling team pays special attention to producing a distillate which is aromatic, round, and without any bitterness. No additives, artificial or natural aromas, sugar, colouring nor concentrates are used for this gin.
Arbejd is a 9 days old pure malt 47%. The scent, the ethereal, the ever-piercing aroma of peat and phenols. The fog of war, the fumes of old. Arbejd is our peated expression. Here smoke and peat take the centre stage. This spirit is based only on Sherry Oloroso barrels which adds a balancing sweetness to the bold spirit. The barrels are loaded into our reactor together with a raw, peated new-make spirit and left to transform for 9 days.
Sea buckthorn liqueur
Sea buckthorn liqueur spirit 17% vol. alc. The unique fruit flavour of the sea buckthorn unfolds particularly expressively in this organic sea buckthorn liqueur. A sea buckthorn highlight for true connoisseurs.
Call of Excise Duty
Hailing from Portuguese barrels, this 7 days old pure malt 43% has decades of heritage in its composition. This spirit is made using Port Wine barrels in combination with Burgundy Brandy barrels. The wood from the different barrels is loaded into our reactor and are left to transform and age for 7 days. Using ultrasound, elevated temperatures and controlled oxygenation we are able to transform raw, white spirit into oaky drops of gold.
Kalevala Birch Sap Vodka
For this very special creation, we joined forces with a renowned birch sap producers Nordic Koivu, from our neighbouring village. Based on our classic Vodka, this special spirit is diluted using the finest locally produced organic birch sap.
PaolinoGénépi Bio
Launched in 2016 as the first bio génépi presented on the Italian market, the PaolinoGénépi Bio honours the founder of Savio srl, Paolino Savio.
With its uniquely fragrant notes of mountain herbs, honey and spices, this product unites the traditional Italian recipe passed down for generations with Savio’s decennial expertise in the field of liquors production.
The PaolinoGénépi Bio is produced with the finest Artemisia, a plant growing naturally in the Alps and harvested at over 2000 meters of altitude at the time of the blossoming, with the pure water coming from the Mount Blanc in Courmayeur as well as with biological sugar and alcohol.
The combination of its traditional straw yellow colour, enriched by slightly greenish reflections, and of the modern design employed for both the bottle and the label perfectly encapsulates the union of tradition and progress contained within this product.
To the palate, this unique liquor is balanced, fresh and presents a sweet taste of fruits, flowers as well as final notes of pecan nuts, which make it the perfect digestive to consume after every meal. Its peculiar bouquet of tastes renders it perfect served either neat or with prosecco, soda and peppermint leaves.
Kalevala Ruby Gin
Using our London Dry Gin as the base for this gin, the real magic takes place here after the distillation. Prior to blending with water, the distillate is transferred to a vessel in which it is married with real cranberries and bilberries for a full two weeks. This marriage (or maceration) gives our Ruby Gin its distinct fruity and yet dry taste as well as its color. Once the time is up, the distillate is filtered prior to being blended with water from our own well to drinking strength.