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HELLO YELLOW! GINGER is a vibrant golden yellow that comes from the natural ginger and turmeric, finished off with just a hint of cardamom. You’ll fall for the citrusy, minty, herbal and delicately spicy flavors and its enticing aromas. And don’t forget – it’s sugar-free!
INGREDIENTS: 98.8% water kefir [water, water kefir grains, cane sugar** (consumed during fermentation), dried mango**]; ginger juice**; lemon*;
turmeric juice**; cardamom*
Apple & Raspberry Juice
Kullamust Apple & Raspberry
Apple juice flavoured with raspberry juice.
Apple must spiced with raspberry must and a top shot of mint. Kullamust Apple & Raspberry is available in 630ml and 250ml bottles.
Organic sea buckthorn juice
For this organic product, we only use sea buckthorn berries that we grow and harvest ourselves. So you get quality with a guarantee of origin, directly from the producer.
Organic vine juice obtained from Merlot grape pressed immediately after harvest. Powerful and subtle natural aromas of red fruits: cherry, plum, blackcurrant. Voluptuous, fruity, this Merlot Grand Cru juice fills the palate with its roundness and great generosity.
100% alcohol-free and without any additives, added sugar, sulphites. Ideal as an alternative to wine to be served chilled with cheeses, duck dishes and chocolate desserts.
Apple Juice
Apple Juice made with selected apples that have been cold pressed and bottled.
Kullamust Apple is available in 630ml and 250ml bottles.
Organic Haskap Berry Juice
BIOHASKAP ® Vitality+ juice, 100 % organic haskap berry juice, potassium source, NFC, 300ml
The juice is cold pressed, gently pasteurized, has a deep ruby colour and a unique slightly sweet taste of haskap berry. Its quality and values were appreciated at the largest organic food fair BIOFACH in Germany, where it received the Best New Product 2019 award in the drinks’ category beating 100 other products from around the world. BIOHASKAP® brand awarded with a title Clients Laurel – Discovery 2020.
We care about healthy compounds haskap berries contain on each step: cultivation, harvesting and processing. We use modern pressing technology that best preserves bioactive compounds and unique haskap color and flavour. Berries come from our own organic orchard at Kujawy that was set up in 2015: watch our orchard.
Haskap berry is a fruit very rich in polyphenols, especially anthocyanins that are 4 times more potent antioxidant than vitamin C. Recently iridoids have been found in haskap, that potentially have valuable biological properties, among them f.e. anti-inflammatory (loganic acid). Additionally as potassium source would help to maintain normal blood pressure, proper nervous system and muscles functioning.
Fresh fruit juice - natural freezing
From citrus fruits and fruit are grown and packaged in Sicily.
Ideal for drinking, for the preparation of ice cream, soft drinks, cocktails and cooking.
Mountain juice – 100% pressed bio juicy apple
BIO apple juice 100%.
1,5kg of apples is used to produce 1l of the final product.
Pomegranate juice
100% organic pomegranate juice
Teo Ice Tea 300ml
Teo Ice tea Organic Herb Infusion
• Organic Mountain tea – Lemon infusion
• Organic Lavandula and Sage – Mango infusion
• Organic Geranium and Mint – turmeric coloring