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Teo Ice Tea 300ml
Teo Ice tea Organic Herb Infusion
• Organic Mountain tea – Lemon infusion
• Organic Lavandula and Sage – Mango infusion
• Organic Geranium and Mint – turmeric coloring
Apple & Raspberry Juice
Kullamust Apple & Raspberry
Apple juice flavoured with raspberry juice.
Apple must spiced with raspberry must and a top shot of mint. Kullamust Apple & Raspberry is available in 630ml and 250ml bottles.
GREEN TONIC! Welcome to Madagascar with this extremely refreshing and exotic tonic water. It’s brewed with quinine and balanced with kaffir lime and lavender to take your taste buds on an exotic journey.
INGREDIENTS: 98.6% water kefir [water, water kefir grains, cane sugar** (consumed during fermentation), dried mango**]; lemon*; kaffir lime*, quinine, lavender*, Timut pepper*; ginger**
Fresh fruit juice - natural freezing
From citrus fruits and fruit are grown and packaged in Sicily.
Ideal for drinking, for the preparation of ice cream, soft drinks, cocktails and cooking.
Organic sparkling vine juice obtained from Semillon grape pressed immediately after harvest. Fine, delicate bubble, natural aromas of rhubarb, quince, acacia honey and pear. This Sparkling Semillon juice seduces with is aromatic richness, its balance between sweetness and acidity. 100% alcohol-free and without any additives, added sugar, sulphites. Ideal as an alternative to Champagne to be served chilled with cheeses, seafood and fruity desserts.
Organic vine juice obtained from Merlot grape pressed immediately after harvest. Powerful and subtle natural aromas of red fruits: cherry, plum, blackcurrant. Voluptuous, fruity, this Merlot Grand Cru juice fills the palate with its roundness and great generosity.
100% alcohol-free and without any additives, added sugar, sulphites. Ideal as an alternative to wine to be served chilled with cheeses, duck dishes and chocolate desserts.
Pomegranate juice
100% organic pomegranate juice
Pomegranate Juice 100% from France
Unfiltered, 100% pure juice, with no sugar added, without colouring and conservative. Hand-picked pomegranates from the South of France. Juice is naturally cloudy, with a natural deposit. Shake well before use and serve chilled.
Les Fées Bio - Apple Peach Apricot Juice from Organic 100 % Occitania Fruits
1L NFC Organic Apple Peach Apricot Juice from Occitania
Eager to support a "meaningful" agriculture, this juice comes from fruits, 100% grown in the Occitania region. They are flash-pasteurized and packaged in our cooperative. This product participates in the development of the brand « Sud de France », which gathers the best producers of southern
A modern and ecological brick (FSC paper).
All the goodness and flavours of natural juice sugar, colouring and preservative free.
Convenient packaging with a secure and reliable pouring cap. An environmentally friendly packaging made with FSC paper. This packaging contributes to the protection of the forests worldwide.
Italian Pomegranate 100% Organic Juice
Pomegranate handmade juice from fresh fruit no water and sugar added. The organic juices and nectars are obtained from the cold pressing of fruits produced by us in Calabria and processed within 24 hours of harvesting.
The products of the “Le terre di zoè” line do not contain thickeners, colouring, or preservatives. Long conservation is guaranteed by heat treatment.