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Dear Aretha
In La Newyorkina, we think that food with "Soul" tastes better, and sometimes a marvellous artist is our inspiration for a new granola.
Our chocolate is a sourced from the “Alto el Sol” plantation
Furthermore, it helps to conserve the Rio Abiseo National Park in Peru and the tropical rainforest too.
Amore Keto Chocolate Breakfast
Amore Keto Chocolate Breakfast is Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Low sugar and also a source of natural goodness. This is a delicious crunchy mixture of activated seeds and healthy ingredients.
By challenging the essence of the traditional baked granola, this alternative combines the benefits of the raw healthy eating and is made of activated sunflower seeds and gently dehydrated. Free of any unwanted ingredients and high in fibre and Source of protein. the organic AMORE granola is a new tasty treat that everyone can enjoy now.
Granola & Porridge
300g - chocolate caramel or blueberry cherry granolas - red berries porridge
Apple Loves Ginger
Apple Loves Ginger", Delicious baked granola with extra virgin olive oil and apple puree, a nuance of cinnamon and a rock and roll kick from the ginger.