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Beepolen By Beesweet
Apiculture products are considered the most powerful superfoods in the world and bee pollen is recognized worldwide for being one of the most healthful natural foods.
It is made from pollen that is collected by bees in flowering plants. This is combined with their enzymes and nectar.
The nutritional composition may vary due to differences between the plants that the bees visit in different areas.
Bee pollen is one of nature’s richest foods, with a great nutritional richness, detoxifying, energizing and regulating the metabolism. It is indicated for anaemia situations, tiredness and highly recommended for sportsmen.
Beefavo By Beesweet
Beefavo by Beesweet is the most natural and pure way to consume honey.
Honey is healthier when eaten straight from the honeycomb.
Nothing better than feeling wax honeycombs melting in the mouth, such as a candy. Consuming a honeycomb is the same as unchanged quality since it is as bee produced it.
As a natural product, it may react to climate changes, flora and fauna. Therefore, each crop of honey could suffer slight changes in the specification of honey.
Organic Polyflora Honey
We produce our BIO honey in the highest quality with dedication.
Bee pollen
Bee pollen is the richest natural food in protein, carbohydrates, essential amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins, but also minerals and enzymes.
Pollen is consumed as it is, or mixed with honey, or dissolved in juice or milk or even in yogurt, cereals or even in your salad.
It is stored in the freezer to keep it fresh and to retain its beneficial properties.
Rape Honey
Rape honey is a less sweet honey but with a specific, unmistakable smell. It quickly crystallizes in a few days after being extracted, being very rich in glucose. It has a pale yellow to white color. 
Organic honey from Pine trees and wild Flowers
100% Pure, Natural Blend, Single Source, Harvested sustainably from Thassos island, Greece.
Organic honey from Oak trees and wildflowers
100% Pure, Natural Blend, Single Source, Harvested sustainably from Rhodope mountains, Greece.
100% Authentic Cypriot Raw Thyme Honey
Thyme honey is a highly aromatic honey with strong flavour. Amber in colour. It has tonic and antiseptic properties. Also, it has an excellent source of antioxidants and phytonutrients. Crystallization: within 6-18 months. Store in a cool and dark place. Ideal temperature 25°C.
Rosova Organic Creamed Honey with Rose Oil
ROSOVA in an amazing product, created from organic honey with creamy texture associated with the delicate flavour of Bulgarian rose and is the result of our desire to unite in one spoon the purity of our Balkan honeys and the symbol of Bulgaria. A perfect balance between our Stara Planina acacia honey, linden honey for freshness, freeze-dried rose petals and rose oil from the famous Rose Valley. This sublimates your sweet or savoury recipes, and can be enjoyed directly with a spoon, a cup of black tea or herbal tea, or a slice of bread. Finally, in perfect unison with the preciousness of the Bulgarian rose, the Creamed honey is presented in a high-end and tastefully decorated box.
Rhododendron honey
This is a typical Alps plant that grows at extreme altitude: 2000 meters above the sea, where the environment is absolutely free from human activities.
At liquid state it's light-yellow coloured but it crystallizes very fast getting a unique white colour. Its flavour and aroma are not strong, they remind us to white flowers and snow.