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Beefavo By Beesweet
Beefavo by Beesweet is the most natural and pure way to consume honey.
Honey is healthier when eaten straight from the honeycomb.
Nothing better than feeling wax honeycombs melting in the mouth, such as a candy. Consuming a honeycomb is the same as unchanged quality since it is as bee produced it.
As a natural product, it may react to climate changes, flora and fauna. Therefore, each crop of honey could suffer slight changes in the specification of honey.
Organic honey from Pine trees and wild Flowers
100% Pure, Natural Blend, Single Source, Harvested sustainably from Thassos island, Greece.
Rape Honey
Rape honey is a less sweet honey but with a specific, unmistakable smell. It quickly crystallizes in a few days after being extracted, being very rich in glucose. It has a pale yellow to white color. 
Almas Albino Caviar
Almas Caviar or Albino Sterlet Caviar is the rarest caviar in the world.
Beepolen By Beesweet
Apiculture products are considered the most powerful superfoods in the world and bee pollen is recognized worldwide for being one of the most healthful natural foods.
It is made from pollen that is collected by bees in flowering plants. This is combined with their enzymes and nectar.
The nutritional composition may vary due to differences between the plants that the bees visit in different areas.
Bee pollen is one of nature’s richest foods, with a great nutritional richness, detoxifying, energizing and regulating the metabolism. It is indicated for anaemia situations, tiredness and highly recommended for sportsmen.
Imperial Osetra Caviar
Imperial Osetra Caviar (Acipenser guldenstaetdi) is a rare treasure, one reserved for true connoisseurs.
Snails in brine
Thinking of a Mediterranean recipe with snails? Or the French classic recipe escargots à la Bourguignonne? Whatever your inspiration is, with this product you have the total flexibility to create your own recipe in just a few minutes. Our snails are without the shell and already preboiled in a brine of fresh vegetables. Ready to cook product.
Organic Polyflora Honey
We produce our BIO honey in the highest quality with dedication.
Marinated snails
An authentic Greek recipe with marinated snails, vinegar, garlic and a touch of chili pepper. Enjoy it just with bread, add it in any green salad, boiled, smashed potatoes or simply taste it on a bruschetta with peppers and sun-dried tomatoes. Ready to serve product.
Organic honey from Oak trees and wildflowers
100% Pure, Natural Blend, Single Source, Harvested sustainably from Rhodope mountains, Greece.