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Granola & Porridge
300g - chocolate caramel or blueberry cherry granolas - red berries porridge
Gluten and allergen free BIO Millet Minis
Water, millet flour* (17,4 %), millet grist* (7,7 %), rice flour*, coconut oil*, psyllium husk*, bulking agent: baking soda, Himalayan salt, antioxidant: ascorbic acid.
*from organic agriculture, Controlled by HU-ÖKO-01, Biokontroll
Mulate Organic
Each MULATE ORGANIC chocolate bar tastes like no other, taking you on an adventurous journey across the world of flavours. The chocolate bars have been carefully designed, their ingredients meticulously selected and matched together to introduce an unexpected blend of tastes one will not easily forget and will be looking forward to savouring again. Today, we offer as many as 6 kinds of chocolate bars under MULATE ORGANIC brand:
Grapeseed Oil
Grapeseed oil is made of the seeds of sun-ripened grapes. Cold-pressed grapeseed oil is a dark green liquid, with a characteristic flavour. It keeps its flavour even at a temperature above 200°C.
This oil is easily digestible and cholesterol-free. It can help to protect the vascular system against sclerosis, and to strengthen blood vessels and capillary walls, reducing the danger of thrombosis. It has strong antioxidant effect. It can reduce irritation as well as improve skin and hair regeneration.
Our Grapeseed Oil has won two-star award at the 2020 Great Taste awards.
We recommend it for preparing steaks, frying meats and flavouring salads.
Coco Bar
Delicious coconut bars great for everyone who wants to eat healthy but also has a sweet tooth.
Indian Sauce
Tasty curry sauce: a surprising pleasure!
Excellence features
Biobontà® classic mayonnaise’s delicate flavour and its pleasantly creamy texture is enriched by an intense and extraordinary taste of curry. The result is a vibrant and harmonious sauce that will give your taste buds new delightful sensations of taste leaving you speechless!
Food combination
It combines well with white and red meats along with boiled eggs. It is also perfect to dress chicken and cold rice salads.
Gluten free, organic, kosher, ifs.
Monsic Chickpeas
In the roman world, legumes had a high importance so that they taken the name cicerone from the chickpeas, they are mainly grown in southern italy. We can find two varieties: big seeds and small seeds, smooth or rough, mainly yellow; rich in b9 vitamins and mineral salts, do not contain gluten and are particularly suitable for celiacs.
Savoury biscuits
Gluten and allergen free BIO Chia Minis
Tasty Tip: Heat in a toaster oven for 10 seconds to bring out the natural flavours.