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Indian Sauce
Tasty curry sauce: a surprising pleasure!
Excellence features
Biobontà® classic mayonnaise’s delicate flavour and its pleasantly creamy texture is enriched by an intense and extraordinary taste of curry. The result is a vibrant and harmonious sauce that will give your taste buds new delightful sensations of taste leaving you speechless!
Food combination
It combines well with white and red meats along with boiled eggs. It is also perfect to dress chicken and cold rice salads.
Italy - Rivoli, Turin
Intense Instant Almond Drink
The only patented instant almond milk powder providing more protein, calcium, magnesium and iron than other vegan milk powders. Made from 500g of sustainably harvested Mediterranean almonds for exquisite flavour.
Just add water to make up to 5 litres (25 glasses) of delicious and nutritious almond milk. Great for drinking and cooking. Easy to use, easy to store. Eco-friendly and sustainable.
France - Sablé-sur-Sarthe
Organic gluten free Flax Chips
Most probably the healthiest snack on the market, rich in dietary fibre (23g per 100g of the final product) baked without fat. Unique production process and only 3 basic ingredients: linseed, potato starch and lemon juice. Available in three options: sauté (just linseed, potato starch and lemon juice), sea salt (most popular with a pinch of sea salt) and sunflower (with grinded sunflower seeds).
Chips are packed in biodegradable (home compostable) laminate of 45g each. Shelf life 12 months. Storage in an ambient temperature in a dry place. Collective packaging (7 pcs inside) made of cardboard.
Poland - Jędrzejów
Spicy Ketchup
Pleasantly hot and spicy: an appetizing flavour!
Excellence features
A tiny hint of chili pepper makes this ketchup unique in its kind.
Produced only with the best Italian tomato pulp, a rich mixture of spices and a balanced amount of chili pepper, Biobontà® spicy ketchup has a slow and delicate temperature cooking process preserving the unaltered exceptional flavours of its main ingredients.
Food combination
It perfectly combines with red meats, burgers, seitan, and potatoes.
Italy - Rivoli, Turin