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Organic Linseed Oil
A vegetable oil that contains the highest amounts of essential fatty acids, especially Omega-3, that cannot be produced by the human or animal body. Because of its high vitamin E content, it is an antioxidant and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It helps prevent exercise-induced muscle soreness and can also be useful for maintaining normal cholesterol levels.
Attention! Patients taking anticoagulants and patients with haemophilia should only use the product under medical supervision.
Some plain cream cheese sprinkled with linseed oil and some chopped red onions makes a great and healthy breakfast.
Athletes are advised to consume a tablespoon of it every day, even on its own.
Orange Blossom Biscuits in a Luxury Box – Ref.103
Only natural ingredients, authentic handcrafted French product made in La Provence region, in France. This biscuits selection reveals the fine scent of the orange blossoms cultivated in the wonderful village of Vallauris of the Juan Golfe.
The neroli water is extracted from the steamed flowers which have been carefully picked-up manually from bigarade orange trees. One ton of orange blossoms flowers is required to produce one litre of neroli water.
Wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs, salt, almond powder, olive oil, lemon zest, orange blossom essence.
Luxury box content:
24 Orange blossom taste biscuits
Total weight of the box: 1kg, Dimensions 7x16x26cm
Strong Bear Organic Cookies
Starker Bär – Bio Dinkelkekse
Mastered a test or accomplished the stressful tasks in the last week? You will need some energy. That is the right occasion for our cookies Strong Bear! Top athletes know the energy effects of oats. It is known as a natural stimulant by powering up your muscles. Combined with delicious chocolate chips, it is truly a great source of energy.
SIMONE, organic energy bar50g
Bananas, cashews, ginger: Simone, first in line. The mixture of powdered almonds and dried bananas gives Simone a texture that is both firm and tender. The note of ginger makes it terribly fresh and full of pep.
A solid bar, lash effect.
Berries “Bites”
Berries “Bites”, natural snack from various freeze-dried berries blended with luxurious cocoa butter and pure form of protein. It's a healthy addition to anyone's’ diet as it is dairy free and gluten free, has no added sugars, preservatives, or additives! Perfect for people who prefer healthy snacking and likes outdoor activities.
Herbs in bulk or pre-packaged bags
Beepolen By Beesweet
Apiculture products are considered the most powerful superfoods in the world and bee pollen is recognized worldwide for being one of the most healthful natural foods.
It is made from pollen that is collected by bees in flowering plants. This is combined with their enzymes and nectar.
The nutritional composition may vary due to differences between the plants that the bees visit in different areas.
Bee pollen is one of nature’s richest foods, with a great nutritional richness, detoxifying, energizing and regulating the metabolism. It is indicated for anaemia situations, tiredness and highly recommended for sportsmen.
Dried Tomato Pesto with Summer Truffle