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Durum wheat bronze extruded past
Slow drying at low temperature
Processed with wisdom and care, by kneading the durum wheat semolina with water, bronze extruded pasta is porous and textured, with enhanced sauce absorption capacity and firmness of the cooking.
Sea buckthorn liqueur
Sea buckthorn liqueur spirit 17% vol. alc. The unique fruit flavour of the sea buckthorn unfolds particularly expressively in this organic sea buckthorn liqueur. A sea buckthorn highlight for true connoisseurs.
Mallofré red
Produced with Merlot 75%, Garnacha 25%.
Fresh young wine of brilliant garnet colour.  Intense aromas of red fruit, currant and cherry with floral notes of violets and roses.  On the palate it is soft, silky with a slight sweetness and a long aftertaste. It is a very versatile wine that can be drunk at any occasion.
Alcohol: 13.5%. Production: 10.000 bottles.
Greek mountain tea (Sideritis Raeseri )
The plant is recommended in tea as a beverage and is drunk hot or cold, alone or mixed with other herbs. It is anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, antihypertensive, antispasmodic, antibacterial, sedative and antioxidant. It is also used to prevent anaemia and osteoporosis. In traditional medicine, the plant is used as a sedative, hypnotic, while it is indicated against the common cold and the treatment of indigestion (dyspepsia).
Altri Tempi
Altri Tempi is a PGI extra virgin olive oil from organic farming. It is made of two varieties of olives: 50% raggia + 50% Frantoio. It has a fresh olive fruity with a hint of fresh herb. Delicate taste. It is recommended on fish, fish salads, salads, white meat and soups.
Vinos De Altura – Altitude Wines – Bobal Red
Winery: Vinos De Altura
Wine: Vinos De Altura – altitude wines Bobal red
Launch:  January 2021
Vintage: 2019
Variety:  Bobal 100%
Origin: Cuenca
Total production: 50.000 l.
Maneras De Vivir (Different ways to live)
I designed this wine when my father passed away. The pain was so strong that I had to quench this feeling of my heart. An artist paints a picture, I make wines. I woke up one day with a feeling of peace, singing this well-known song by Spanish rock singer. The cure was tolerance. People live their lives as best they can. I had to accept the way my father choosed to live and die, and also I had to accept the way I had chosen to live, without censoring myself.
I thought this feeling it was like a fight between two grapes, Bobal and Syrah. The acidity and tannin of the Bobal versus the smoothness and power of the Syrah. And the result is an elegant and complex wine with a lot to discover in its sequential steps.
This wine has been identified as one of the best Bobal wine of the world by the experts. (Jancis Robinson).
BIOHASKAP ® Regeneration+ organic haskap berry powder
100g, anthocyanin source 2300 mg/100g, natural iron source, DISCOVERY 2020 CLIENTS LAUREL
Organic filter coffee
This organic Peruvian coffee roasted at Karlova Kohv is truly something for classic coffee drinkers – it is chocolaty, sweet, juicy and complex. We compare its sweetness with a mother’s kiss, its juiciness with and Estonian ripe “Emma Leppermann” plum and its complexity with an air of Estonian pine forests. It tastes best if brewed in French press, Kalita or Aeropress.