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Patojo ecológico 10 months in barrel – red wine
Patrimonio Monastrell is a project of Bodega Las Virtudes that revalues the old goblet and dry-farmed vineyards of the Monastrell variety. Our most precious treasure is our winegrowers, who with their work and experience that goes back to centuries of family tradition, have kept alive a grape variety and a way of cultivation that has proven to be very sustainable for our environment. This is the origin of Patojo, from certified organic vineyards and matured in new French and American oak barrels for ten months.
We can find aromas of black plum and some blueberry, wax, spicy wood, clove and exotic pepper, eucalyptus, red tea, cocoa. With unctuous palate, full-bodied and a measured Mediterranean acidity, savoury toast and sweet smoke aromas.  Long and pleasant final.
Semi-cured and cured goat cheese
The Goat Cheese Los Cameros (P.D.O. Queso Camerano) is a combination of all the flavour and all the tradition of our ancestors, together with the careful processing demanded by a Signature Cheese. The result is a full flavoured, highly intense and slightly lactic cheese with a pronounced aroma derived from natural curing.  Under the signature of Francisco Javier Martínez, a Master Cheesemaker, we are proud to present the revival of this centuries-old recipe for the goat cheese which was formerly made in La Rioja.
The development of affinage molds and the olive oil baths gives the perfect aroma and the colour achieved on maturity.
It is a full flavoured, highly intense and slightly lactic cheese, with a pronounced aroma and natural maturing, with an off-white colour and firm and crumbly texture. The characteristic rind is finely marked by the woven cheese-making basket.
With this cheese we invite you to savour the gastronomic heritage of La Rioja.
Made with 100% of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grapes, it comes from a manual selection of the grapes lately harvested between October, the 10th and the 20th, in a 30 old vineyard in Controguerra with optimal exposure and low yield. The terroir gives the grapes the best thermal excursions that, together with organic techniques of cultivation, enhances the typical flavors of Montepulciano grapes.
El Vol De L’aliga Red
EL VOL DE L’ALIGA RED is our latest proposal, and it belongs to a series of exclusive microvinifications, made with special attention to small details.
We try to express through the wines, our close connection with the territory in which we develop our work daily. That’s why Vol de l’Aliga is inspired on the majestic flight of the Bonelli’s eagle that nests on the forest surrounding our winery.
EL VOL DE L’ALIGA RED is a red wine made from Grenache and Carignan. It’s been aged for five months in amphorae. It’s a fruit-driven wine, juicy and with ripe tannins.
It’s the first organic wine from Viticultors del Priorat, the evidence of our commitment with the magic environment in which we coexist within.
Vinos De Altura – Altitude Wines – Bobal Blanc de Noirs
Winery:     Vinos De Altura
Wine: Vinos De Altura- Altitude Wines Bobal Blanc de Noirs
Launch:     January 2021
Vintage: 2020
Variety: Bobal 100%
Origin: Cuenca
Total Production: 50.000 L.
Jaume Grau I Grau AVRVM
Organic white wine (vintage 2020) made with Sauvignon blanc (90%) and Picapoll (10%) . Very fresh and fruity in nose and mouth. Very good acidity and well balanced, long and elegant finish. Good pairing with seafood and light food.
Wine inside Designation of Origin Pla de Bages.
Vega Vella White
Grape varieties: Sauvignon Blanc and White Grenache
Own vineyards located in Eastern Rioja, facing north- south, in a fertile soil, clay- calcareous, in organic farming for over 30 years. Vineyards of small production. We obtain unctuous wines.
The climate is Mediterranean with some Atlantic influence and an average rainfall of 450 l/m2.
Elaboration: Extraction of the must after cold maceration with the skins. Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 16ºC to safeguard the varietal aromas. Fresh, aromatic wine, with a little carbonic from the maceration itself, which gives us aroma, soft freshness, velvety flavour and produces endless ethereal sensations that relax the spirit and soul.
Alcohol: 13,0% Vol.
Serve at 8-10 ºC
Colour: Lemon yellow, clean and bright.
Nose: Aromas of tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple and kiwi, combined with citric fruits. Also, prominent aromas of green fruits and a hint of herbs, giving way to a certain minerality.
Palate: Fresh and strong in the mouth, with powerful citrus and mineral notes. The Sauvignon Blanc provides freshness, spectacular aromas and an agreeable acidity, to counterbalance the creaminess and volume of the White Grenache.
Parish: White fish, seafood, rice, pasta, potatoes and light structure dishes.
Finca Antigua Orgánico 2017
This wine is the result of the innovative practices implemented at the vineyards and wineries run by the family of vine-growers and winemakers for more sustainable, organic cultivation, with a strong focus on environmentally respectful viticulture.
Finca Antigua Orgánico 2017 is made from Syrah and Garnacha grapes from the earliest harvest in the history of Finca Antigua, unusually kicking off on 10 August in a really warm summer with the grapes perfectly ripe. From then on, until early September, temperatures remained high, which resulted in a wine with a Mediterranean character – quite unusual for the wines made in this estate. It is a fine, medium acid wine that exhibits subtle tannins and a gentle phenolic presence. It is best to open it within ten years at the longest.
Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena PDO
Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is one of the most ancient products of the Modena region and for sure a vinegar unique in the world. The EU has recognized it as a protected designation of origin product (PDO) in the year 2000. The origins of the product are unknown, but scholars believe we can trace them back to the ancient Roman times, as the Romans used to cook the grape juice to make a sort of molasses which they called Saba, used to sweeten food, as well as they used honey. Traditional balsamic vinegar is obtained from one only ingredient: the cooked grape must of the typical grapes from Modena. The cooked grape must is naturally vinegar-fermented and then aged for many many years in series of wooden barrels of decreasing volume, through a dedicated technique consisting in annual blending and renewal. Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is aged for a minimum of 12 years, and the product called Extra Aged (extra vecchio) is aged for a minimum of 25 years. Only those products passing a strict tasting panel are certified as “Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO” and bottled in a distinctive 100ml bottle - designed by the Italian designer G. Giugiaro – that is sealed, numbered and compulsory for all the producers. The long aging process gives to the traditional vinegar its typic full body consistency, its incredible lengthy taste and its perfectly balance in sweetness and acidity. Traditional balsamic vinegar is used as a finish in your dishes, it gives a clear definition and length to taste and helps to create balance. It’s generally used pure, in drops, as you use a perfume. To appreciate its full aromatic palette, try some drops on a teaspoon, as an appetizer or a digestive. It can be paired with cheeses (parmigiano reggiano, pecorino, ragusano or savory goat cheeses), to finish a risotto, on meat, on shrimps. Some drops of extra-vecchio on a strawberry salad or a cherry salad will make a perfect dessert. It is the special final touch to make any dish unique and special. bottle - 100 ml