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Dried Tomato Pesto with Summer Truffle
Dried tomatoes pesto with summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.)
Organic product, 100% made in Italy. With natural flavours only. No chemical aromas.
Chocolates from heaven - Dark 72% Orange
This organic and fairtrade chocolate tablet is made of dark chocolate mixed with orange pieces.
Cupffee – edible cookie cup
Cupffee is a delicious, edible cookie cup that perfectly complements your coffee or dessert. It does not alter the taste of your drink, but also remains crunchy for over 40 minutes. And its vegan!
Cupffee is completely biodegradable, which makes it the best alternative to any plastic or paper cup. With its unmatched characteristics, Cupffee defines a whole new category of edible and sustainable cups.
Chocolates from heaven - Dark 85% Peru
This organic and fairtrade chocolate tablet is made of dark chocolate (85%) with origin Peru.
OAT baking mix
Oat, chocolate and almond cookies baking mix design for light and tasty cookie lovers.
Crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. With lots of chocolate drops that melt in your mouth. Organic, plant-based and lactose free.
Vegan Protein Mix
Created to meet the specific needs of wellness-minded individuals whose activity or lifestyle may require supplementation, our vegan protein mix is dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free. Composed of a selection of 4 plant proteins, it respects the principles of supplementation for an ideal balance of essential amino acids. It provides an instant protein mix for intensive daily use and can be added to your favourite recipes or simply enjoyed as a drink. Pure, without additives and rich in complete proteins, this instant powder provides 25g of protein per portion.
White Truffle Sauce
White truffle with mushrooms.
Organic product, 100% made in Italy. With natural flavour only. No chemical aroma.
BIO fermented plant-based drink from green buckwheat
Fermentful natural plant-based probiotic drink is made using only carefully selected BIO ingredients and billions of scientifically validated live active cultures.
RASPBERRY baking mix
Whole spelled and white flour baking mix designed for fruity cookie lovers.
Rich and light dough with the best raspberry filling (included in box). Organic, plant-based and lactose free.
Coco Bar
Delicious coconut bars great for everyone who wants to eat healthy but also has a sweet tooth.