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100% Authentic Cypriot Raw Thyme Honey
Thyme honey is a highly aromatic honey with strong flavour. Amber in colour. It has tonic and antiseptic properties. Also, it has an excellent source of antioxidants and phytonutrients. Crystallization: within 6-18 months. Store in a cool and dark place. Ideal temperature 25°C.
Cyprus - Limassol
Altri Tempi
Altri Tempi is a PGI extra virgin olive oil from organic farming. It is made of two varieties of olives: 50% raggia + 50% Frantoio. It has a fresh olive fruity with a hint of fresh herb. Delicate taste. It is recommended on fish, fish salads, salads, white meat and soups.
Italy - Monte San Vito
Apple & Raspberry Juice
Kullamust Apple & Raspberry
Apple juice flavoured with raspberry juice.
Apple must spiced with raspberry must and a top shot of mint. Kullamust Apple & Raspberry is available in 630ml and 250ml bottles.
Sweden - Mjöhult
Apple Juice
Apple Juice made with selected apples that have been cold pressed and bottled.
Kullamust Apple is available in 630ml and 250ml bottles.
Sweden - Mjöhult
Apple Loves Ginger
Apple Loves Ginger", Delicious baked granola with extra virgin olive oil and apple puree, a nuance of cinnamon and a rock and roll kick from the ginger.
Spain - Oviedo
Barbaresco Basarin Riserva
Grape: nebbiolo 100%
Italy - Neive - CN
Berries “Bites”
Berries “Bites”, natural snack from various freeze-dried berries blended with luxurious cocoa butter and pure form of protein. It's a healthy addition to anyone's’ diet as it is dairy free and gluten free, has no added sugars, preservatives, or additives! Perfect for people who prefer healthy snacking and likes outdoor activities.
Lithuania - Panevezys
Brewer’s Organic Kaito Lager
Alc 4,5% vol - 500 ml
Brewer’s Organic Kaito Lager is a gluten free golden treat rich in colour and refreshing flavours. The light maltiness and subtle nuances of noble Saaz hops create a seductively fresh and pure combination.
Finland - Mikkeli
Brewer’s Organic Yövesi
Alc 4,5% vol - 500 ml
Unfiltered Brewer’s Organic Yövesi Dark Lager is a nut-brown and velvety smooth beer which will charm your taste buds. The charismatic nature of this beer is shaped by the caramel-like and slightly roasted aromas, together with flavourful maltiness.
Finland - Mikkeli
Candied orange peel strip
4kg. Firm and supple.
Shape: strip - length: 4.5 to 7 cm, width: 5 to 7mm, thickness: 4 to 5mm.
Place of fabrication and packaging: the site of Apt.
Conform to regulation 1334/2008/CE on flavours in foodstuffs and to regulation 231/2012/UE on additives in foodstuffs. Cardboard box of 4kg with blue plastic lining which conform to current regulation concerning material in contact with foodstuffs.
Application: for topping or to be coated in chocolate.
France - Apt