In a search of new niche products, we created an exceptional internationally product collection MULATE CUT&GO- ketogenic diet-based chocolate enriched with MCT. Looking at the needs of people who promote keto, active or vegan lifestyle, the clear opportunity arose and the collection of 6 tastes were created. We offer classic, cayenne, hazelnuts, coconut, coffee, and sesame tastes of organic dark or milk organic, ecological chocolates to fulfil the needs of the most exclusive customers. It is high in fats, low in carbs, sugar-free, MCT enriched, and vegan.

This product has mainly 3 target customers:

-Ketogenic dieters- the chocolate solves the problem of achieving ketosis. In strict nutrition for keto diet when 75% of calories should be from fats, 20% from protein, and 5% from carbs the customers are constrained in a choice of products. That is where our chocolate perfectly fits, as its nutrition is harmonized for this diet. Moreover, it is enriched with MCT which is medium-chain triglyceride to reach the results faster.
-Athletes/healthy eaters- people who are highly focused on sports or active lifestyle no exception tries to eat healthier. CUT&GO chocolates help to eat sugar-free, low carbs and significantly increase energy. So, it could be a great guilt-free snack to put in your gym bag and grab before or after the activities.
-Vegans- people who prefer avoiding all forms of animal products could safely taste our products and supplement their selection of sweets. All the materials we choose for production are vegan and highest quality.

Key Activities:

Production- chocolates with MCT suitable for keto dieters, vegans and active people who eat healthier.
Problem solving- eating sweets without guilt, reaching ketosis and extending the variety of healthier snacks.
Distribution channels- e-commerce, retailing.

Choco Group UAB
CHOCO Group UAB is a modern and innovative producer of premium quality chocolate bars in Lithuania.
Our products are known for their non-traditional taste and exceptional design. Our goal is to make sure that each our product is more than just a chocolate bar. We aim to offer delicious and healthy products that can tell their own unique stories. Our intent is for each new chocolate bar collection to be Recognized Worldwide!
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