The organic extra-virgin olive oil called “Il Nostro Oro” (Our Gold) is the highest quality and value. There are numerous reasons why this is true:
-    the olives are grown organically;
-    the olives are harvested by hand;
-    the olives are collected in small crates and processed immediately (maximum of two to four hours after harvesting);
-    the olives are ground in the company mill.


Azienda Agricola La Quercia Scarlatta
La Quercia Scarlatta is a family-run farm specialized in organic products such as wines, EVO oil and cosmetics. The Italian company is located in the hills of Marche region at ten Kilometres from the sea, in an area that seems suited to organic production thanks to the particular characteristics of soil and climate. The company has developed its activity on the concept “from farm to market” making high-quality products directly managing the entire production and transformation chain that goes from the land to the final client. The vineyards are organically managed and produce white, red and straw wines, enhancing a rare and very ancient grape variety (Maceratino Ribona) of this area. The organic extra-virgin olive oil called “Il Nostro oro” (Our Gold) comes from olives organically grown in the farm, harvested by hand, collected in small crates and processed immediately. The eco bio cosmetics certified complete the line of products made by organic raw materials and composed with the help of bio cosmetics experts.
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