The Berlin Night Gin is a very popular gin in bars, nightclubs and for private consumers as a give-away, or to enjoy by themselves. It is a classical gin, in which juniper and fresh lemon peel are the dominant flavours and aromas. A subtle note of Thai herbs supports the juniper and lemon. This gin is produced from organic juniper from the Balkan region and freshly peeled zests from organic lemons originating from a farm in Mallorca, Spain, lemon grass, Thai basil, and kaffir lime leaves as well as organic neutral spirit. All botanicals are individually distilled in a 40 litre still in the Berlin Distillery and then blended into a dry gin. The distilling team pays special attention to producing a distillate which is aromatic, round, and without any bitterness. No additives, artificial or natural aromas, sugar, colouring nor concentrates are used for this gin.

The Berlin Night Gin is best served with a dry tonic water and a lemon zest, as a classic gin and tonic. It is not only popular with night clubs, bars, and restaurants, but especially with spirits and specialised shops, selling the Berlin Night Gin to end consumers. This gin is especially popular to be given as a present for special occasions as well as to bring to a dinner or party. Most gin consumers which have discovered this gin tend to reorder it regularly and enjoy it at home when they want to treat themselves to something special.

The Berlin Night Gin is presented in a very aesthetic bottle. The inside of the back label, with an illustration of the Berlin nightlife, can be seen through the bottle. Every bottle is numbered by hand, as proof of the small-scale production and manual work invested in this gin.

Berlin Distillery Kreutz GmbH
Gin is one of the fastest growing spirits in the world. In Japan, the juniper spirit receives increasing interest too. The Berlin Distillery is a young gin start-up, focusing on sustainable production. Jan Kreutz and his team produce seven different high-quality gins from sustainable and, where possible, regional ingredients. The team aspires to bring the spirit of Berlin into the bottle and to produce gins which are as enjoyable, exiting, diverse and unique, as Berlin.
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