Viticultors Del Priorat

Viticultors del Priorat was born in 1997, blending passion for wine and bond to the land.
Through our history, we have evolved and understood our natural environment and our own labour.
Since we bought the property, different projects have followed; and what originally was an attempt to make our activity sustainable, have finalized with the organic certification of all of our vineyards and wines in 2019.
To celebrate this achievement, we have increased our portfolio with new releases; all of them expect to be the reflect of the vineyard in which they are born and an evidence of the attention and care that we take in the winery.

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El Vol De L’aliga Red
EL VOL DE L’ALIGA RED is our latest proposal, and it belongs to a series of exclusive microvinifications, made with special attention to small details.
We try to express through the wines, our close connection with the territory in which we develop our work daily. That’s why Vol de l’Aliga is inspired on the majestic flight of the Bonelli’s eagle that nests on the forest surrounding our winery.
EL VOL DE L’ALIGA RED is a red wine made from Grenache and Carignan. It’s been aged for five months in amphorae. It’s a fruit-driven wine, juicy and with ripe tannins.
It’s the first organic wine from Viticultors del Priorat, the evidence of our commitment with the magic environment in which we coexist within.
Spain - Bellmunt del Priorat
El Vol De L’aliga White
EL VOL DE L’ALIGA WHITE is made as a single variety wine, from the most representative of the white vari¬eties in Priorat, white Grenache.
In this case when the alcoholic fermentation
(in stainless steel) is almost finished, part of the wine is racked into Amphora vessels for six months; that increases the complexity of the wine and creates a round texture, all that, together with the subtle aromas of the white Grenache, turn out a great wine.
Spain - Bellmunt del Priorat