Superfood Beers SRL

Superfood Beers is a range of organic beers with innovative flavors and a moderate alcohol content. At the end of the brewing process we incorporate superfood ingredients which have an aromatic richness. These include lucuma, acai and yuzu among others.

In addition to the innovative side of our beers, we pride ourselves on our sustainability policy. We are striving to become carbon neutral. The CO2 emissions generated during our production process are offset via our participation with an NGO tree planting project in Madagascar called ‘Graine de vie’. The by-products of our production process are used in the production of biscuits.


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MHAKA 33cl
The triple blonde, MHAKA, contains MACA and has an alcohol content of 7%. Maca gives the beer a subtle taste of roasted hazelnut and gives it a nice roundness. The Mhaka won a bronze medal in the "Belgian Triple" category at the prestigious World Beer Awards 2020 competition.
Belgium - Mons
5.G 33cl
The first beer of the range is the 5.G, a slightly amber blond beer, with a 5.5% alcohol content and a fragrant nose thanks to the 5 ingredients Galanga, Ginger, Goji, Ginkgo and Guarana. The 5.G has notably won a medal at the European Beer Challenge in 2019 and a score of 18/20 by Eric Boschman (former best sommelier of Belgium).
Belgium - Mons