OÜ Karlova Kohv

Karlova Kohv (established in 2015) is the first Estonian roastery focusing on only roasting certified organic coffee as Karlova Kohv loves good authentic coffee and cares about nature biodiversity and protection. The roastery and coffee shop are located in Tartu in Karlova district. Tartu is the second biggest town in Estonia and is often considered the intellectual centre since it is home to the nation's oldest and most renowned university, the University of Taru. 

A specialty coffee site European Coffee Trip describes Karlova Kohv as follows: “Karlova Kohv is a place that is made to fit perfectly into the location it currently hosts. The area of Karlova in the university city of Tartu is a place of friendly and accommodating people, lovely small wooden houses and wonderful vibe. The café/roastery is no exception to this. Their roaster 12 kg Probatone is in one of the corners of the café, and even though customers usually won’t be able to see the roasting process, one can always imagine when enjoying, for example, their Ethiopian filter coffee”.

Within five years of operation the coffee shop has gained great popularity amongst Estonian coffee drinkers and the big percentage of regular customers shows consistent great quality of freshly roasted coffee. Our highly motivated baristas have won twice the Estonian AeroPress championships and participated at world AeroPress championships in South-Korea and Australia.  Karlova Kohv is also only Estonian roastery with female roast masters.

Tartu in my pocket describes us as follows:
A perfect representative of the off-beat Karlova neighbourhood where it resides, this little local haunt somehow creates a cosy feel in an edgy, half-renovated space. Expect to find delicious organic third wave coffee roasted at the coffee shop weekly and healthy organic food”.


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Organic filter coffee
This organic Peruvian coffee roasted at Karlova Kohv is truly something for classic coffee drinkers – it is chocolaty, sweet, juicy and complex. We compare its sweetness with a mother’s kiss, its juiciness with and Estonian ripe “Emma Leppermann” plum and its complexity with an air of Estonian pine forests. It tastes best if brewed in French press, Kalita or Aeropress.
Estonia - Tartu