Le terre di zoè

The company produces fresh fruits and transforms them into juices, jams and olive oil. All the products, the fruits and the laboratory processing are certified organic. The plants we grow are: - Oranges - Clementine - Lemons - Pomegranate - Kiwi - Avocado – Olive. Our products have the “only fruit sugars” characteristic. We do not use preservatives, thickeners and dyes - Craftsmanship - We transform our fruit within 48 hours of harvesting.

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Italian Pomegranate 100% Organic Juice
Pomegranate handmade juice from fresh fruit no water and sugar added. The organic juices and nectars are obtained from the cold pressing of fruits produced by us in Calabria and processed within 24 hours of harvesting.
The products of the “Le terre di zoè” line do not contain thickeners, colouring, or preservatives. Long conservation is guaranteed by heat treatment.
Italy - Gioia Tauro
Italian Orange & Ginger Organic Compotes
The category of organic compotes includes our sweet fruit preserves, obtained by vacuum cooking fruit, grape sugar, and spices.
The fruit is 100% Italian, produced by us in Calabria, and the flavours are typical of this area). From this base we have created tantalizing combinations (orange and ginger)
Our compotes, in addition to being handcrafted, are made without added refined sugar, without thickeners, without preservatives, and without dye.
Italy - Gioia Tauro
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Our monoculture organic extra virgin olive oil, made from our own quality Ottobratica olives, is produced using cold extraction. Its low acidity and excellent balance between spiciness, bitterness and fruitiness make it a pleasant oil for all palates.
Most of the crops are from the Quaranta area in the province of Reggio Calabria, Italy, at 150m above sea level.
Flavoured oils: to give your dishes a touch of freshness or spice, we created oils flavoured with oranges, bergamots and chillies.
Italy - Gioia Tauro