Gourmoli Ltd

A Bulgarian boutique company, established in the beginning of 2019, with the vision to promote the true taste of Bulgaria with amazing Gourmet twist, beautiful design, and much attention to the detail, is producing probably the tastiest Organic Walnut Oil in the world, by a secret recipe and know-how. It represents manual cold pressing in an Oak Bin, which is a technology used in France back in 1803. Also is Producing extremely healthy Vegan Walnut Flour/Protein and incredible Acacia Honey with Rose Oil.
Looking for distributors and partners, who could promote these expensive and premium quality products. Offering exclusivity for certain markets.

This is the only company on the Balkans and maybe in the World that still produces pure and truly cold pressed Organic Walnut Oil, as it was made centuries ago and is also producing Organic Walnut Flour, (36% Vegan Protein).
They have all the necessary bio certificates and analyses, and the oil itself is hand made without contact with metal and without ANY heating (up to 21°C)! They use a French technology from 1803 and that makes the product with high consumer value. Thanks to the technology used, their oil has an acidity level less than 0.1% and very balanced natural taste of fresh and RAW walnuts. For comparison, you may know that some of the most expensive premium cold-pressed oils have more than 0.2%. And despite the manual processing they have a high capacity - over 15000 bottles per month.


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Our products
Gourmoli Bio Walnut Oil Cold-pressed in an Oak Bin
Rosova Organic Creamed Honey with Rose Oil
ROSOVA in an amazing product, created from organic honey with creamy texture associated with the delicate flavour of Bulgarian rose and is the result of our desire to unite in one spoon the purity of our Balkan honeys and the symbol of Bulgaria. A perfect balance between our Stara Planina acacia honey, linden honey for freshness, freeze-dried rose petals and rose oil from the famous Rose Valley. This sublimates your sweet or savoury recipes, and can be enjoyed directly with a spoon, a cup of black tea or herbal tea, or a slice of bread. Finally, in perfect unison with the preciousness of the Bulgarian rose, the Creamed honey is presented in a high-end and tastefully decorated box.