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harmonica™ is here to open minds, touch hearts, nourish souls and change lives for the better.

We are pioneers in the natural and organic food production in Bulgaria - one of the last wild places of Europe. Bulgaria is a place with rich traditions in food production and agriculture, but also home preparation and cooking. Most of harmonica products embody these traditions and benefits. harmonica is not just another food factory, but a hub between our vision for real food, our farmers, our manufacturers and our consumers. We are proud of our long and fruitful partnerships. A journey that started 14 years ago.

What all of our products have in common is the minimal intervention in processing, the care for soil, water and biodiversity through organic farming methods, the exceptional attention to quality to preserve true taste.
harmonica™ started off with one simple and traditional product – yoghurt. This one product planted the seed of hope and enthusiasm. It wasn’t long until we realized that agriculture and food production are at the core of the biggest ecological challenges that we as humanity face – destruction of biodiversity, climate change, pollution. We realized that many of the solutions were in our hands and that we were now part of a global effort to bring about a positive change.

Nowadays our product portfolio consists of organic products in wide-range everyday essentials like dairy, sweet snacks, savoury snacks, granola, biscuits, chocolates and cocoa creams, fruit and herbal cordials, tahini and nut butters, specialty coffee, honey, jams and marmalades, veggie preserves, oils and vinegars, flours and even food supplements – dwarf elderberry syrup and emblematic Bulgarian probiotics.

As recognition of our constant work, in 2020 we were awarded the Great Taste Producer title by the “Food Oscars” – UK-based and most trusted food and drink awards.

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Our products
Harmonica™ Rose Cordial
Great Taste 2017 award-winning cordial that is transformative, joyous, alive!
Harmonica™ Milk Chocolate Biotic Wafer
For harmonica™ wafers we use only wholegrain einkorn flour which is naturally low in gluten to make the crispy crusts. Then we add sunflower seeds paste, cocoa and coconut butter to start the cream. And this wafer flavour is an innovation to be proud of - having 4 probiotic cultures added: L. bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium longum, L. plantarum, L. gasseri for more goodness. And then we cover it with fine milk chocolate. This is how we see harmony in a wafer bar!