Azienda Agricola Polverari Rosetta

NEROBIO is an Italian company located in the heart of the Marche region, owned by the Polverari family for two generations, cultivating 10 hectares of land with 1000 truffle plants, strictly organic.
We control the production process internally, from soil extraction to packaging, from plant care to research, from the study of new recipes to labelling.
NEROBIO TARTUFI does not exploit the soil intensively, but counts on a naturally generous land, without stressing it with chemical agents and synthetic elements.
A land particularly rich in nutrients, with an excellent microclimate created by the adjacent hills near the small village of Fossombrone, a great passion and culture for this product, make NEROBIO truffle an excellence of our territory.
These are the types of truffles cultivated (of which you can see all details in the file attached):

  • Summer truffle (TUBER AESTIVUM) Uncinato truffle (TUBER UNCINATUM) – “simple taste”
  • Bianchetto truffle (TUBER BORCHII) -   "intensity of taste"
  • White Alba truffle (TUBER MAGNATUM PICO) - “aromatic taste “
  • Black Périgord truffle (TUBER MELANOSPORUM VITT.) - “harmony of taste “

From these raw tubers, we process the following truffle products, all 100% organic:
Sauce of truffle, dried truffle, whole truffle, flakes of truffle, crumbs of truffle, oil, salt, honey, soy mayonnaise, rice mayonnaise, mustard, pesto, vegetable jelly broth, bianchetto butter and sweet creams with truffle!
All our products, except for the butter, are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

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Our products
White Truffle Sauce
White truffle with mushrooms.
Organic product, 100% made in Italy. With natural flavour only. No chemical aroma.
Dried Tomato Pesto with Summer Truffle
Dried tomatoes pesto with summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.)
Organic product, 100% made in Italy. With natural flavours only. No chemical aromas.