Golden Granet Ltd
The aim of our gluten and allergen free bakery in Hungary is to provide consumers with premium quality products. Golden Granet Ltd. offers organic bakery good for those, who would like to pay attention to their meal.
We believe that healthy nutrition is a fundamental aspect of life quality. We also trust that our fondly made bakery products are consumed with love.
Organic bread, mini buns remain fresh for a long while. These are perfect for making sandwiches or suitable for consuming in their own right immediately.
Slow-releasing carbohydrates, high fibre and vitamin content make our products popular.
The main ingredient of Golden Granet reduced carbohydrate products is millet flour, which is an outstanding source of protein for consumers, who suffer from celiac disease.
Our purpose is to prepare bakery products which are appropriate for those who are in need of food free from different food components that’s why catering services could choose us. We are in contact with a luxury restaurant in Budapest, Paris Passage.
All the elements of our products are made by colleagues who are discriminated on the labour market because of their age (under 25 and over 60 years old). Excellent gift for business partners, loved ones while offering cost of living, work of wealth creation and pride for those who make the packages.
Golden Granet Ltd. is a qualified social enterprise. Our goal is to produce in an environmentally friendly way, to buy ingredients from local producers and to aim at the best price-quality ratio. In all way we buy ingredients with allergen free certificates to maintain the purity during production.
Golden Granet products are suitable for vegan and allergen free lifestyles, what is more, most of the bakery products can be consumed during special diets (histamine, insulin resistant, endometriosis, Candida), therapeutic diets (oncological, genetical) and fitness diets (reduced carbohydrate, increased protein).
Hungary - Magyarország
A.A. Aroma Fisis
We are an apiary since 2015 and based in Agios Athanasios of Limassol in Cyprus. We produce natural Cypriot beehive products with biological handling. We produce Thyme honey which is a highly aromatic honey with strong flavour and amber in colour. It has tonic and antiseptic properties. Also, it has an excellent source of antioxidants and phytonutrients. We also produce a wide range of 100% natural handmade Cypriot beeswax cosmetics, made of organic ingredients as extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, thyme honey, propolis, aloe vera and essential oils. They are ideal for the skincare of the whole body, face, hands, eyes and hair. They hydrate the skin, and they help with skin issues that you may have. They are ideal for infants, children and adults.
Cyprus - Limassol
Punset is a family-owned estate since 4 generation. Marina Marcarino, owner and winemaker, is the first of the family starting since very young to run the winery as a job. Before of her Punset was a lovely hobby started with her grand-grand-father (the family business was constructions) and wine was made for family use. Marina, at the age of 20, while still student, switched the vineyard to organic growing. It was year 1982 and this was the only estate working organic in the whole region (even one of the very few in Italy). With the first Italian organic regulation, in 1987, the winery officially git the certification, showing the first organic label in year 1991. Since year 1990 Punset uses biodynamic practices as well and in year 2007 Marina was fascinated by the Masanobu Fukuoka agricultural method and started to follow it for growing the vineyards. Marina Marcarino strongly believes in the typicity and uniqueness of the terroir, in the expression of the variety and, for that reason, since the beginning of the nineties she decided to work totally natural in the winemaking too, skipping selected yeast in favor of indigenous, avoiding strong clarifications, stabilizations and filtrations. A very low addition of sulfites before bottling support the wine for the long aging.
Punset wines get long refining, and they are released on the market when balanced and expressive, able to last for many years.  Settled in Neive, in the Langhe Region, the core product of Punset is the Barbaresco wine which represents the main expression of the philosophy described. The estate, 17 hectares, only grown autochthonous varieties: Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Barbera, Arneis and Nascetta, in harmony with Marina’s thought.
What we like to underline is that the winery philosophy is against to slip in the “strange corner” of organic and natural. Our thinking is that organic should be the plus and all the wines should stand on the market with high quality and appreciation, together with the wine world. In the year, best wine critics and guides give to Punset wines outstanding scores and reviews, confirming that it is possible to work organic and natural with high quality standards.
Italy - Neive - CN
Azienda Agricola Lorese
The “Lorese” winery by Ercoli Cristian is located in Loro Piceno, a small village of 2500 people placed between the hills of Macerata, the production’s heart of the traditional Marche’s “Vino Cotto” and a must for anyone who appreciates or wants to learn more about the ancient techniques of production and ageing of Vino Cotto; these are still used today in respect and memory for those who lived before us, and passed on this custom product.
Italy - Loro Piceno (MC)
Strakka Ltd
The company was established in Strakka Estate, which appears on Abraham Ortelius’s map of 1573, having a story of more than 60 years in olive oil production. The estate was always known for its olive oil production. Currently, Strakka owns an area of 50 hectares with 9000 olive trees, including Koroneiki, Kalamon and Cyprus olive varieties growing organically since 1998. Since then, soil is not cultivated remaining undisturbed in order to allow the enhancement of micro-organisms in the soil as well as the tree roots. The trees are carefully managed to establish maximum growth and healthy, productive olive trees. Aim of the company is the production of high-quality organic olive oil with increased polyphenol content. To achieve this, milling and bottling facilities have been developed onsite. The fruits are harvested in optimum maturity, they are harvested and milled using cold pressing prosses within a few hours in order to restrict exposure of olive oil on different degrading factors. Through the years, the company’s olive oils have been awarded for their quality and their high polyphenolic content.
Cyprus - Nicosia
Bräuer Mühlviertler Naturbäcker
The natural baker Martin Bräuer from Mühlviertel goes to work with a passion for craftsmanship and enjoyment of design. Enjoyment and responsibility are equally valuable to him.
Cookies with story(s)
Inspired by recipes from Hildegard von Bingen, Martin Bräuer created “cookies with meaning”. Natural ingredients with an activating effect give the organic spelled biscuits their very special value.
Austria - Reichenthal
Leader for 3L Bag packaging, Inno’vo is a company specialised in producing and selling organic fruit juices and alcohol-free cocktails
Sustainable environment friendly, the company Inno’Vo has a eco-conception’s policy. We use eco-friendly packaging for our products, which have a lower carbon footprint: Bag Innov®, Tetra Prisma® bricks.
During the making of each recipe, the Research & Development team at Inno’Vo make sure that they are selecting the best ingredients: pure juice, organic products, without artificial colouring or preservatives. The products are controlled with norms and certifications which are renewed every year.
Inno’Vo decided to support local producers for their products. Some of them (bananas and mango) are selected from Fair Trade, essential resource for employment and income for thousands of families.
France - Maureilhan
Gourmoli Ltd
A Bulgarian boutique company, established in the beginning of 2019, with the vision to promote the true taste of Bulgaria with amazing Gourmet twist, beautiful design, and much attention to the detail, is producing probably the tastiest Organic Walnut Oil in the world, by a secret recipe and know-how. It represents manual cold pressing in an Oak Bin, which is a technology used in France back in 1803. Also is Producing extremely healthy Vegan Walnut Flour/Protein and incredible Acacia Honey with Rose Oil.
Looking for distributors and partners, who could promote these expensive and premium quality products. Offering exclusivity for certain markets.
Bulgaria - Sofia
Terre des Chardons
Situated in southern France, “Terre des Chardons” is a 9-hectare vineyard, located around a Mas and a farm dedicated to organic market gardening. We produce wines of temperament, with the finesse and freshness of the south.
Red wines and a rosé in AOP Costières de Nîmes and our white wine in AOP Clairette de Bellegarde, which is one of the rare appellations to include the name of its grape variety and its commune.
In 1999, Mr. Chardon, a passionate wine lover, decided to plant his first vines in place of the existing arboriculture in order to take advantage of the richness of the soil. The 9 hectares of vines are present in addition to the 10 hectares of market gardening and the 7 hectares of olive trees. A farm with a wide variety of crops cultivated in perfect harmony with each other.
We have been Demeter certified since our first harvest in 2002 and biodynamic farming is the fruit of our quality approach.
France - Bellegarde
OÜ Karlova Kohv
Karlova Kohv (established in 2015) is the first Estonian roastery focusing on only roasting certified organic coffee as Karlova Kohv loves good authentic coffee and cares about nature biodiversity and protection. The roastery and coffee shop are located in Tartu in Karlova district. Tartu is the second biggest town in Estonia and is often considered the intellectual centre since it is home to the nation's oldest and most renowned university, the University of Taru. 
Estonia - Tartu