Vallesina Bio di Andrea Laudazi
Vallesina Bio is the first Italian farm being Agriculture, Innovative and Benefit. Our farm is 150 hectares full organic, also certificated QM (Marche Quality) and #plasticfree. In fact, our packaging is full plastic free. We sell only products grown in our fields. We do delivery in our area with a full electric van. We are also an educational and social farm: we host a full time school of 30 kids from 4 to 11. As social we host 3 autistics guys and 2 persons in wheelchair.
Italy - Monsano (AN)
Azienda Agricola La Quercia Scarlatta
La Quercia Scarlatta is a family-run farm specialized in organic products such as wines, EVO oil and cosmetics. The Italian company is located in the hills of Marche region at ten Kilometres from the sea, in an area that seems suited to organic production thanks to the particular characteristics of soil and climate. The company has developed its activity on the concept “from farm to market” making high-quality products directly managing the entire production and transformation chain that goes from the land to the final client. The vineyards are organically managed and produce white, red and straw wines, enhancing a rare and very ancient grape variety (Maceratino Ribona) of this area. The organic extra-virgin olive oil called “Il Nostro oro” (Our Gold) comes from olives organically grown in the farm, harvested by hand, collected in small crates and processed immediately. The eco bio cosmetics certified complete the line of products made by organic raw materials and composed with the help of bio cosmetics experts.
Italy - Monte San Giusto (MC)
The certified organic winery Torri Cantine is located in the north of the region Abruzzo, in Teramo province. The vineyards are located on different villages around the winery, historically well known for the good wines coming from there. These vineyards are of different ages, many older than 35 years, are located between 200 and 300 metres height above sea level and benefit from the proximity of the sea and of the mountains, by being caressed by the breezes of the Adriatic during the day, and cool ones of the Gran Sasso during the night, keeping the grapes naturally dry and healthy.
Italy - Torano Nuovo (TE)
Tsangarides Cyprus Winery
The Tsangarides winery is the next generation of Cypriot wines. Our avowed philosophy is to blend old school traditions with new school style. Our youth, energy, and passion coupled with the distinct sense of place that wine brings to our lives, allow us to produce wines of great character, and distinction. The wine scene in Cyprus is now flourishing and we are extremely proud to be considered as one of the key wineries at the leading edge of this long-awaited revival of our countries wine industry. The Tsangarides winery is situated in the lovely old village of Lemona. It is here our great-great-grandfather prepared the land and planted out the first vineyards, tending and nurturing the fruit of the vine in much the same way as his descendants do today. Then, the wine made was primarily for domestic consumption, but slowly, over decades the accumulated knowledge gleaned from travel and education via foreign winemakers has resulted in the wines being acclaimed as one of the best examples of a boutique winery supplying consistently high-quality wines for the table.
Cyprus - Paphos
Santa Gadea
Santa Gadea is a 100% sustainable, organic farm in Northern Spain.
We manage our own unique organic flock of 1500 alpine goats, which have the highest possible health degree (we have even eradicated the goat virus “CAEV”).
The goats feed on our own crops, which we enrich by applying to the goat manure our fermentative biotechnology (the concept of this biotech was originally invented in Japan by Dr. Teruo Higa).
The organic milk we obtain from our own goats is therefore farmstead, and we use it to produce:
Spain - Rioseco, Burgos
EKKO - an innovative Organic Rapeseed Oil producer, based in Europe – Lithuania. With strategic focus on sustainable product delivery, EKKO operates in modern, organically certified production facilities. Specializing in Unrefined Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil, its Cake, Protein & Flour production.
Companies advanced production facilities allow to crush, fill and pack organically grown cold-pressed seeds into 4 premium quality consumer ready products with all the beneficial nutrient qualities stored in every product. EKKO selected production process ensures that this is done with no harm to Nature. Company supports local farming. That is why companies’ products are produced from rapeseeds grown in the beautiful fields of Lithuania. EKKO follows Zero Waste policy. Meaning that none of its raw material gets wasted or thrown away. More than 70% of EKKO production are exported to foreign markets. EKKO is officially certified producer holding certificates in organic food production and FSSC.
EKKO – Organic rapeseed oil made with love for us and our Planet!
Lithuania - Zarasų r
Christine Berger GmbH & Co. KG
Curiousness and fascination turn into a business idea. It all starts with Sandokan, the sea buckthorn juice. Even at the state of developing the first products it turned out that the processing of sea buckthorn is a real challenge. On the one hand, it is important to preserve the valuable vitamin and vital substances and on the other hand, optics and taste experience must go together. Christine Berger assembled a team of experts from different food production sectors and over the years, more than 50 taste-intensive variations have been developed.
Germany - Werder / Havel Ot Petzow
Martúe D. O. Pago & Blanco Nieva D.O. Rueda
Bodegas Martúe / D.O. Pago: in the city of Toledo. It is a winery that belongs to the D.O. Pago which is the highest classification of Spanish wines, where there are only 19 wineries in the country which have differential characteristics in their climate and vineyard that make the wines unique and recognizable. Besides, the highest level of viticultural exigency is required in the production procedures to guarantee excellence.
Blanco Nieva / D.O. Rueda: It is a mythical winery for having the oldest Verdejo vineyards in Spain, pre-phylloxeric and centenary. We are located in a secluded area of the high and cold mountains of Segovia city, and our wines are among the most sought after in the D.O. Rueda for presenting wines with different acidity, but above all, with greater sensorial connotations.
Spain - Toledo
La Newyorkina
We are pioneers in the manufacture of handmade Granola in Spain.
Our Granola is a first quality product with a Mediterranean touch of extra virgin olive oil, it's elaborated handmade in Spain keeping the original recipe. La Newyorkina family products is constantly growing because of our ability to reach every type of consumer. We have many flavours, varieties and sizes, such as:
Spain - Oviedo
Founded in 1993, Aromandise is a family-owned business specialized in organic food products and natural scents.
We have a strong cultural connection with Japan through the founders, Yumi and Michel Pryet and their daughters.
We are passionate about the art of living and well-being, and we have been dedicated to contributing to these matters for over 28 years.
Our business is led in the active respect for ecology, social and cultural equity. We are building durable partnerships aiming to have a positive influence for the planet and its inhabitants.
Our main purpose is to give access to healthy, delicious, and highly qualitative organic products.
As a specialist in dietetic food, aromas and well-being from plants, we are deeply admirative of nature and the world’s traditions. Our R&D allows us to market new products every year that are often granted prestigious innovation awards.
We are attentively studying the purpose and the consumer benefit of any of our products. We make sure they are easy to use in everyday life and provide documentation, books, recipes and videos to promote their usage.
France - Montpellier