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SpecialCoffee srl
Since 1999, SpecialCoffee blends aroma, taste and crema for the perfect “made in Italia” espresso coffee. We are committed to quality from product origin, carefully researching and selecting raw materials, importing best coffees directly from origin Countries and, according with the Italian tradition, blending, slow roasting and air cooling. For a perfect espresso, naturally! Between tradition (enhancing the coffee’s natural qualities of taste and aroma) and innovation, sustainability and corporate responsibility (ethical, social, environmental). To provide a wide range of coffee blends in beans, grounds and pods. SpecialCoffee is passion for coffee proudly made with quality in Italia.
Italy - Rogolo (SO)
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Delicious wines, with character & soul.
Family project with a long tradition of making wines. 25 hectares of vineyards situated in the mountains (+ 700m above sea level). Annual production: 50,000 bottles. We do not use pesticides or herbicides. EU organic certificate since 2015. Vegan wines. Use of indigenous yeast. Winery fully powered by solar energy. We enrich the territory through art mixing sculptures and artistic installations between olive trees and vines in the itinerary called the Artists’ Vineyard.
Spain - La Pobla de Cérvoles, Lleida
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Cataruz SL
My wines and my winery are my life. I have established this company by myself, as a woman who wants to express herself through her wines. So this is the key of my success. I defend the good care of the land and the people who works it through the ecological farming. I try to communicate feelings with the help of the natural primary elements.  I work with indigenous grapes and try to show their best potential in combination with the land and the climate. All wines I have produced express something of my personality, but so many people identify themselves with my message, and so I have connected with the public very well.
Since 2002 I have been working in this area. After being partner in another winery, I decided to start with my own project. It was not easy because I was a businesswoman who came from another sector, without a family with a winemaking tradition. But I wasn’t in a hurry, so every obstacle was a challenge for me.
I currently have the respect of the market and my clients are more than clients, they are a part of my life.
I obviously count with the support of a great team without them it wasn’t possible. I produce my wines in Enguera since 2011, There I have my team, my installations and part of my vineyards. I have my heart divided between two regions: Utiel and Fontanars dels Alforins. For red wines I have chosen the mountain of Utiel, the Bobal grape, and the carácter of the Atlantic climate that arrives to me through the Iberian Mountain range. For white wines I prefer the Mediterranean influence, the mineral character of his ground, the sea breeze. 
Spain - Valencia
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Maira Bio
The company, based on the organic method, is located in a hilly area in the centre of Sicily; natural and balanced conditions have been created through our ethic that respects nature. Fauna, microclimate, solar exposure and the work of nature make it possible to obtain genuine products, including oil, vegetables, pistachios, almonds and pomegranate.
Italy - San Giovanni Gemini, Sicily
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Brasserie des Legendes srl
We are a family brewery based on authenticity, terroir and tradition. We cultivate our own barley used for the production of our beers, which is unique in Belgium. We produce beers of every type: blond, triple, quadruple, amber and seasonal ales. We control the entire chain of production with intimate knowledge and respect for our lands. Our beers are made from 100% local ingredients, directly from ground to glass.
Recently, in June 2019, we have taken over the Distillery of Biercée and its Belgian spirits of high quality. We offer today a full range of Belgian products, 100% natural, made from the finest ingredients selected for their quality and sustainable development.
Belgium - Irchonwelz
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Mandorlificio Monsic
Monsic mandorlificio was born in 2000 from antonio schifano's idea, who, thanks to his tenacity and constant commitment, has managed to enhance the typical products of its territory so as to give the name to his company, Monsic
Italy - Vicari
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Azienda Agricola Polverari Rosetta
NEROBIO is an Italian company located in the heart of the Marche region, owned by the Polverari family for two generations, cultivating 10 hectares of land with 1000 truffle plants, strictly organic.
We control the production process internally, from soil extraction to packaging, from plant care to research, from the study of new recipes to labelling.
NEROBIO TARTUFI does not exploit the soil intensively, but counts on a naturally generous land, without stressing it with chemical agents and synthetic elements.
A land particularly rich in nutrients, with an excellent microclimate created by the adjacent hills near the small village of Fossombrone, a great passion and culture for this product, make NEROBIO truffle an excellence of our territory.
These are the types of truffles cultivated (of which you can see all details in the file attached):
Italy - Fossombrone
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Acetaia Oddolini
Acetaia Oddolini is a family run business specialising in the production of Balsamic Vinegar, organic condiments and flavoured balsamic jams. The company certified organic, is based in Cavezzo, in the province of Modena. The farm was born after the terrible earthquake of 2012 in Emilia.
The Oddolini family ambition is to sustain the high-quality products, of which the Modena region is renowned for.
Vinegar Oddolini guarantees the quality of its products and adds to them a touch of authenticity.
The Oddolini family own the vineyards and the organically certified grapes. They personally and patiently take care of all the production stages. The result is their great Balsamic Essence of Modena and other condiments.
Italy - Cavezzo
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Ecospirulina produces high quality organic spirulina in Valencia, Spain. We are the first Spanish company certified organic for spirulina.
The most important of our quality standard is a drying process at low temperature: meanwhile 98% of worldwide spirulina market comes from industrial production with a drying temperature around 180-200°C by spray-dried technology which destroys part of valuable nutrients, we, at Ecospirulina, keep full freshness properties of spirulina thanks to a low temperature drying at 39°C. This way we offer a spirulina full of essential nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants, Omega 6, enzyme SOD among most temperature-sensitive compounds.
Also, we are proud to be certified natural product by the Natural Reserve authorities where our farm is located: in the Natural Reserve of Serra Calderona, Spain. It means that we are producing in a clean and natural environment and our spirulina grows with the pristine water of the Natural Reserve. We want to add ethical and transparency to our principles: please feel free to come and visit our spirulina production.
Spain - Valencia
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Pasta Natura srl
“Directly from the seed to your table” Pasta Natura’s slogan: production of GLUTEN FREE PRODUCTS obtained from Italian supply chain ingredients naturally organic & gluten free. Our gluten free range of products (PASTA, BISCUITS and FLOURS) is born from the passion of the good food of the Italian culinary tradition and from the desire to discover new tastes. The mood has been ‘let’s focus on what we can eat and not on what we can’t eat’.
Italy - Busca