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LOOV Organic OÜ
Imagine walking in the pristine wilderness, eating hand-picked berries: Your taste buds bloom explosively, and you feel the primordial force with every cell of your body! This is the feeling LOOV wants to bring you all year round.
Estonia - Tallinn
Fattoria Petrini
Fattoria Petrini is a family run company, located in M.S.Vito on the Adriatic cost/region Marche/centre Italy. Today Cristiano and Francesca Petrini represent the third generation being producing 100% organic certified olive oils since 1989 (pioneer organic olive oil producer in the Marche region).
10.000 olive trees (higher biodiversity rate) + exclusive oil mill + bottling equipment for several types of pack + more than 60 national/int. prizes make Fattoria Petrini one of the most reliable and prize-winning Italian company among the olive oil sectors.
Italy - Monte San Vito
JSC Lasu duona
“Lasu duona” bread & Biorina buckwheat – healthy products for whole world.  
Lithuania - Rokiškis
G7 S.r.l
G7 begins its production in the small Gelato laboratory of our grandfather Guglielmo. Today, G7 is a modern, certified company located close to Bologna still run by the same family.
We recreate the value of the original artisan craft on our production lines, filling and decorating most of our tubs by hand.
We carefully select superior quality raw ingredients such as P.G.I. Piedmont hazelnuts, P.D.O Bronte Pistachio, HQ fresh milk, essential to preserving the unique taste of our Gelato. The quality of our Gelato has been recognized also by experts and professionals that rewarded us with prestigious international prizes.
Since the very beginning, we have been strong promoters of quality, transparency and innovation as a way of meeting the needs of an increasingly demanding and attentive consumer.
We continue to invest in research and development, not just with a view to expanding our product range, but also to adapting to the latest safety protocols.
Moreover, we made our commitment to the environment an integral part of our mission by selecting packaging and product innovations that create mutual benefit for both consumers and planet.
We currently export G7 and Siviero Maria brands, both inspired by our family history, to more than 60 countries.
We offer to our customers GLUTEN FREE Gelato in different sizes (from mini cups 150ml with spoon under the lid to foodservice tub 4,750L).
Italy - Bentivoglio, Bologna
At TinyBird, we create healthy alternatives to highly processed products. Today, we offer a tasty and healthy alternative to traditional sweets. We have developed our products according to strict specifications in terms of ingredients and recipe: we do not use any artificial colouring, flavouring or any preservatives in our candies. We are combining fresh fruits and superfoods in a range of three tasty and healthy products! We have also developed a process ensuring a good conservation of our products with natural ingredients: organic lemon juice and fructose, a sugar naturally present in fruits.
We do not use any artificial flavouring, colouring or any preservatives.
Our last requirement: we manufacture our sweets ourselves, in France!
France - Paris
EtOH Spirits ApS
EtOH is a start-up company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was founded by Tobias Emil Jensen, who previously started one of the most famous microbreweries in Denmark. In 2017 he left the beer business to explore the future of whisky and spirits making. Through years of development and academic research we have invented, and refined methods to accelerate ageing of spirits.
Denmark - Copenhagen
Azienda Agricola Polverari Rosetta
NEROBIO is an Italian company located in the heart of the Marche region, owned by the Polverari family for two generations, cultivating 10 hectares of land with 1000 truffle plants, strictly organic.
We control the production process internally, from soil extraction to packaging, from plant care to research, from the study of new recipes to labelling.
NEROBIO TARTUFI does not exploit the soil intensively, but counts on a naturally generous land, without stressing it with chemical agents and synthetic elements.
A land particularly rich in nutrients, with an excellent microclimate created by the adjacent hills near the small village of Fossombrone, a great passion and culture for this product, make NEROBIO truffle an excellence of our territory.
These are the types of truffles cultivated (of which you can see all details in the file attached):
Italy - Fossombrone
Beesweet – More Than Honey, Lda
"From a family heritage, born a passion for bees, honey and innovation…
With constant innovation, quality, a unique concept and a personal touch, this is Beesweet - "More than honey".
 Different flavours, incredible tastes and sensations allow you to enjoy a unique experience.
 Through our honey, you will know its sweetness, its different flavours, its authenticity, our history and our love for bees.
Our company is committed to innovate with the flavours, the image, the sustainability, the packaging and the different ways of use and consuming honey.
 Nowadays, consumers are more and more interested in healthy and natural products. Beesweet Honey is a natural and organic sweet food, with BIO Certificate, flavoured with aromatic plants, considered healthier than other honeys. It contains several ingredients, such as vitamins, natural enzymes and minerals.
 This is why we want to convey our know-how, our new flavours and our convictions for the protection of bees, which now roam 12 countries around the world.
 We bring Portuguese's taste to the world… through our honey products."
Because Beesweet is More Than Honey!
Portugal - Oliveira de Azeméis
Virgin Oil Press Kft.
Grapoila vegetable oils are produced with the use of a clean and environmentally friendly cold-pressing technology, without any additives or preservatives. During cold-pressing we only use mechanical force to obtain the oil from the seeds. This way their valuable nutritional properties remain unchanged: the unsaturated fatty acids and the vitamins will not be decomposed during the process, so they can strengthen our health or nourish our skin. Our environmentally friendly "zero waste" technology ensures that are not any unused by-products. Every part of the incoming raw materials will be used for production, primarily for food products, but also for cosmetics and animal feed as well. We currently use 20 types of seeds from we press oil, produce seed flour, seed butter and cosmetic products. The oils are packaged in dark coloured glass bottles to conserve their outstanding quality as long as possible. We are proud that our organic Corn Germ Oil has won the Great Taste star in both 2018 and 2019. In 2019 the Grapoila organic Sunflower Seed Oil has won 2-star award at the Great Taste contest. In 2020 our Grape Seed Oil and Mustard Seed Oil were awarded with stars, as well as our organic Sunflower Seed Oil. In 2021 the Apricot Kernel Oil was awarded with the star. Besides the oils, our seed flours were honoured as well at the same contest: in 2020 the Sunflower Seed Flour and organic Pumpkin Seed Flour won 2 stars, in 2021 the Hazelnut Flour won a star as well. It is our mission to educate people to become more health and environmentally conscious. Our constantly widening organic product range consists of products manufactured on our certified production lines. The organic products are made of raw materials that have exceptional nutritional values and originate from certified organic agricultures.
Hungary - Budapest
Gourmoli Ltd
A Bulgarian boutique company, established in the beginning of 2019, with the vision to promote the true taste of Bulgaria with amazing Gourmet twist, beautiful design, and much attention to the detail, is producing probably the tastiest Organic Walnut Oil in the world, by a secret recipe and know-how. It represents manual cold pressing in an Oak Bin, which is a technology used in France back in 1803. Also is Producing extremely healthy Vegan Walnut Flour/Protein and incredible Acacia Honey with Rose Oil.
Looking for distributors and partners, who could promote these expensive and premium quality products. Offering exclusivity for certain markets.
Bulgaria - Sofia