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Beesweet – More Than Honey, Lda
"From a family heritage, born a passion for bees, honey and innovation…
With constant innovation, quality, a unique concept and a personal touch, this is Beesweet - "More than honey".
 Different flavours, incredible tastes and sensations allow you to enjoy a unique experience.
 Through our honey, you will know its sweetness, its different flavours, its authenticity, our history and our love for bees.
Our company is committed to innovate with the flavours, the image, the sustainability, the packaging and the different ways of use and consuming honey.
 Nowadays, consumers are more and more interested in healthy and natural products. Beesweet Honey is a natural and organic sweet food, with BIO Certificate, flavoured with aromatic plants, considered healthier than other honeys. It contains several ingredients, such as vitamins, natural enzymes and minerals.
 This is why we want to convey our know-how, our new flavours and our convictions for the protection of bees, which now roam 12 countries around the world.
 We bring Portuguese's taste to the world… through our honey products."
Because Beesweet is More Than Honey!
Portugal - Oliveira de Azeméis
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Kullabygdens Musteri AB
The plant of the Swedish company is located in Southern Sweden, right on the Kulla peninsula in Skåne. Since 1929, the producer has proudly maintained and developed the tradition of making natural and fine clear apple juice, which in Sweden is called “apple must” and is a high-quality soft drink.
Currently the products are listed in all the big supermarket chains in Sweden, as well as in HoReCa and has several options of packaging which makes it easy to adapt depending on the user.
The whole range of drinks contains only carefully selected apples that are pressed, filtered and eventually bottled and ready for consumption. Nothing is added to the process: the products are free from additives like sugar, preservatives or colouring. The result is a pure clear apple juice. Even if nothing is added the shelf life is 18 months and the products can be stored in room temperature during the entire shelf life. On top of the apple must the company also has a range of other soft drinks with flavours of rhubarb and raspberry.
Sweden - Mjöhult
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Vallformosa is one of Spain’s leading wineries established in 1865 and actually one of the biggest producers of cava (# 4 producer).  
We are located in the province of Penedès, near Barcelona, and following is a summary of our key offerings:
Spain - Vilobí del Penedès (Barcelona)
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& our friends AB
Plant-based goodness is as good for you as for Mother Earth. Easy to use, easy to love.
Simply add & our friends.
Sweden - Malmö
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Le terre di zoè
The company produces fresh fruits and transforms them into juices, jams and olive oil. All the products, the fruits and the laboratory processing are certified organic. The plants we grow are: - Oranges - Clementine - Lemons - Pomegranate - Kiwi - Avocado – Olive. Our products have the “only fruit sugars” characteristic. We do not use preservatives, thickeners and dyes - Craftsmanship - We transform our fruit within 48 hours of harvesting.
Italy - Gioia Tauro
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LIOFORTE is a producer of organic, premium freeze-dried fruits.
LIOFORTE’s aim is to deliver highest quality, healthy food. Raw materials come from non-industrial crops, from proven, reputable producers and processors. All fruits are of 100% Polish origin and 100% natural. LIOFORTE fruits do not contain any additives, sugar or preservatives. They are naturally gluten-free. The appearance and taste of freshly picked fruits make them perfect as a tasty, crunchy snack and a dish ingredient.
LIOFORTE fruit is an ideal proposition for all those who value health and delicious taste. Our products are a proposal for families, vegans and vegetarians, athletes, people avoiding gluten or people who live in a hurry - just a cup of our fruit a day is enough to support the functioning of the body.  
Poland - Wirkowice Pierwsze
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We are a young, agile, Swedish company that practice what it preaches. Since 2012, the company’s founders have taken an interest in functional, tasty, healthy – preferably protein- enriched products. Our motto is “If we consume it ourselves, we want to share it with others.”
First Class Brands of Sweden´s  business idea is based on identifying products and product categories that show a positive trend and strong growth potential among a few, strong suppliers. This approach enables FCB to develop the right product and create an alternative to an existing big seller – but with more flavour and a more impactful design. This means First Class Brands of Sweden introduces a product into the relevant category with unique selling points. The trend towards healthier living and the demand for healthier foodstuffs is on a constant upward curve. It is therefore First Class Brands of Sweden intention to supply the market with pleasurable, protein-enriched, and healthier products for supermarkets, convenience stores and hotels, restaurants & cafés (HORECA).
The HealthyCo brand is a concept from us, to produce and distribute nutritious alternatives to the current commodities offering. HealthyCo meets demands of a modern and aware consumer who has organic farming, health and functional nutrition on their agenda – but who at the same time is price conscious and doesn’t not necessarily think that good food needs to be expensive.
Sweden - Lund
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Gourmoli Ltd
A Bulgarian boutique company, established in the beginning of 2019, with the vision to promote the true taste of Bulgaria with amazing Gourmet twist, beautiful design, and much attention to the detail, is producing probably the tastiest Organic Walnut Oil in the world, by a secret recipe and know-how. It represents manual cold pressing in an Oak Bin, which is a technology used in France back in 1803. Also is Producing extremely healthy Vegan Walnut Flour/Protein and incredible Acacia Honey with Rose Oil.
Looking for distributors and partners, who could promote these expensive and premium quality products. Offering exclusivity for certain markets.
Bulgaria - Sofia
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Acetaia Oddolini
Acetaia Oddolini is a family run business specialising in the production of Balsamic Vinegar, organic condiments and flavoured balsamic jams. The company certified organic, is based in Cavezzo, in the province of Modena. The farm was born after the terrible earthquake of 2012 in Emilia.
The Oddolini family ambition is to sustain the high-quality products, of which the Modena region is renowned for.
Vinegar Oddolini guarantees the quality of its products and adds to them a touch of authenticity.
The Oddolini family own the vineyards and the organically certified grapes. They personally and patiently take care of all the production stages. The result is their great Balsamic Essence of Modena and other condiments.
Italy - Cavezzo
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EKKO - an innovative Organic Rapeseed Oil producer, based in Europe – Lithuania. With strategic focus on sustainable product delivery, EKKO operates in modern, organically certified production facilities. Specializing in Unrefined Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil, its Cake, Protein & Flour production.
Companies advanced production facilities allow to crush, fill and pack organically grown cold-pressed seeds into 4 premium quality consumer ready products with all the beneficial nutrient qualities stored in every product. EKKO selected production process ensures that this is done with no harm to Nature. Company supports local farming. That is why companies’ products are produced from rapeseeds grown in the beautiful fields of Lithuania. EKKO follows Zero Waste policy. Meaning that none of its raw material gets wasted or thrown away. More than 70% of EKKO production are exported to foreign markets. EKKO is officially certified producer holding certificates in organic food production and FSSC.
EKKO – Organic rapeseed oil made with love for us and our Planet!
Lithuania - Zarasų r