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Azienda Agricola Polverari Rosetta
NEROBIO is an Italian company located in the heart of the Marche region, owned by the Polverari family for two generations, cultivating 10 hectares of land with 1000 truffle plants, strictly organic.
We control the production process internally, from soil extraction to packaging, from plant care to research, from the study of new recipes to labelling.
NEROBIO TARTUFI does not exploit the soil intensively, but counts on a naturally generous land, without stressing it with chemical agents and synthetic elements.
A land particularly rich in nutrients, with an excellent microclimate created by the adjacent hills near the small village of Fossombrone, a great passion and culture for this product, make NEROBIO truffle an excellence of our territory.
These are the types of truffles cultivated (of which you can see all details in the file attached):
Italy - Fossombrone
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Acetaia Oddolini
Acetaia Oddolini is a family run business specialising in the production of Balsamic Vinegar, organic condiments and flavoured balsamic jams. The company certified organic, is based in Cavezzo, in the province of Modena. The farm was born after the terrible earthquake of 2012 in Emilia.
The Oddolini family ambition is to sustain the high-quality products, of which the Modena region is renowned for.
Vinegar Oddolini guarantees the quality of its products and adds to them a touch of authenticity.
The Oddolini family own the vineyards and the organically certified grapes. They personally and patiently take care of all the production stages. The result is their great Balsamic Essence of Modena and other condiments.
Italy - Cavezzo
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Cafés Richard
Cafés Richard is a traditional French style coffee roaster linked to the French gastronomy. Inspiring the confidence of its 41,000 CLIENTS through premium quality and service, Cafés Richard firmly holds onto its position as LEADER IN FRANCE’S HORECA market for hot beverages solutions and now reaches coffee lovers around the world through an INTERNATIONAL NETWORK of selected distributors.
France - Gennevilliers
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L'Arcolaio soc. cooperativa - Organic products
L’Arcolaio produces traditional Sicilian sweets and other typical products of Sicily using organic raw materials from local agriculture and fair trade networks, promoting the social and occupational integration of prisoners and other disadvantaged people. All products are branded Dolci Evasioni (sweet escapes in Italian).
Italy - Syracuse
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LOOV Organic OÜ
Imagine walking in the pristine wilderness, eating hand-picked berries: Your taste buds bloom explosively, and you feel the primordial force with every cell of your body! This is the feeling LOOV wants to bring you all year round.
Estonia - Tallinn
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Tuttovo srl
TUTTOVO was born in Italy in 1984.
We are an artisan company specialized in organic and gluten-free mayonnaises and sauces with a long experience with egg products.
We could tell you about all the challenges we tackled, all the ambitious goals we achieved, the innumerable recognitions bestowed upon us, all the certifications obtained and licenses established since we began in 1984.
But, let me tell you who we are first: we make Italian sauces with an Italian genesis, an Italian history and an Italian production.
We are recognized by the Piedmont Region “Artisan Excellence”, Bioagricert organic certification, AIC gluten free certification, we have two EC identification marks, the highest hygiene and sanitary guarantee for costumers in the EU. We have also been given the important BRC Certification (grade A) for over two years.
TUTTOVO’s mission is to offer the pleasure of taste and safety of genuine, organic certified, gluten-free and totally natural food. Organic vocation at TUTTOVO rose from a deep and rooted interest in natural nutrition by the owner Claudio Maria Fantolino.
From his passion for cooking, the love for food as the expression of Italian history and culture, and the careful pursuit of quality comes Biobontà®. Our unique line of organic sauces which offer the highest Italian culinary traditions, ready to be enjoyed. and made with exclusive ingredients: thousands of years of knowledge in our hands, Italian taste tradition, a unique history, a sense of beauty, an unparalleled landscape… in a few words, authentic Made in Italy elements. And, of course, high quality and true artisan manufacturing for only those that love to eat
Biobontà® has a wide range of excellent flavours. These are the result of fragrant and balanced blends of fine herbs, spices and organic aromas. The scents and the flavours of Biobontà®organic sauces – being them classic or pleasantly new, delicate, aromatic, sweet or spicy – turn a daily meal into pleasure.
Italy - Rivoli, Turin
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JSC Kvalitetas
UrbanFood -  functional RAW products, such as a variety of berries, vegetables, herbs, seeds powder, and their mixes. It is a blend of European "super-food" and "fast food". These products are innovative and have the highest quality and enhanced functionality, developed in collaboration with scientists.
Lithuania - Dotnuva
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“Geld Baltic” Supergarden
We are manufacturing company "Supergarden", we manufacture and supply highest quality freeze-dried products worldwide.
Supergarden offers the widest assortment of freeze-dried products. They are available in organic and conventional quality and different forms: whole, slices, pieces, powder. Freeze dried products lose nothing but water during freeze-drying, their taste, smell, and shape remain the same. Nearly all nutrients are also saved!
Freeze-dried powders are made only from whole berries or fruits. We do not use juice, puree or left dust from process, to get the highest quality as it is the main "Supergarden" focus.
Also we are innovative company and have invented “Bites”, natural snack from various freeze-dried berries, fruits, vegetables blended with luxurious cocoa butter and pure form of protein. It's a healthy addition to anyone's’ diet as it is dairy free and gluten free, has no added sugars, preservatives, or additives! Perfect for people who prefer healthy snacking and likes outdoor activities.
All Supergarden products are 100% natural, are non-GMO, has no additives, no preservatives. Supergarden meets international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018 and is certified with USDA organic and European organic food certificate.
Lithuania - Panevezys
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Bodegas Pinord SA
Bodegas Pinord has over a hundred years of winemaking experience in the Penedès region of North-eastern Spain to its name. They make wines and cavas (sparkling wines), using traditional methods, inherited from their ancestors. Today, the use of state-of-the-art technology, together with an exceptional team of hard-working professionals helps to make their wines and cavas famous around the world.
In the last few years, Bodegas Pinord has extended its range of products and has started to make wines in other wine appellations within Spain. These new wines are all made using organic farming methods.
Generation after generation, the Tetas family’s philosophy can be summed up in the following words: Family tradition, a pioneering and innovative spirit, love for the land and a passion for great wines.
Spain - Vilafranca Del Penedes
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EKKO - an innovative Organic Rapeseed Oil producer, based in Europe – Lithuania. With strategic focus on sustainable product delivery, EKKO operates in modern, organically certified production facilities. Specializing in Unrefined Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil, its Cake, Protein & Flour production.
Companies advanced production facilities allow to crush, fill and pack organically grown cold-pressed seeds into 4 premium quality consumer ready products with all the beneficial nutrient qualities stored in every product. EKKO selected production process ensures that this is done with no harm to Nature. Company supports local farming. That is why companies’ products are produced from rapeseeds grown in the beautiful fields of Lithuania. EKKO follows Zero Waste policy. Meaning that none of its raw material gets wasted or thrown away. More than 70% of EKKO production are exported to foreign markets. EKKO is officially certified producer holding certificates in organic food production and FSSC.
EKKO – Organic rapeseed oil made with love for us and our Planet!
Lithuania - Zarasų r