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Bräuer Mühlviertler Naturbäcker
The natural baker Martin Bräuer from Mühlviertel goes to work with a passion for craftsmanship and enjoyment of design. Enjoyment and responsibility are equally valuable to him.
Cookies with story(s)
Inspired by recipes from Hildegard von Bingen, Martin Bräuer created “cookies with meaning”. Natural ingredients with an activating effect give the organic spelled biscuits their very special value.
Austria - Reichenthal
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KEL Grupo Alimentario
Kel Grupo Alimentario , aims to produce the best quality oil " Lectus ". Grown in our own fields where the olives are treated by our staff to their optimum ripeness. We grind it in our oil mill where the most modern food techniques are combined to treat the oil inside. With the millenary artisan tradition of cultivation and pressing of oil. Since on the outside it is a cylindrical building, like the old press system. Representing a large scale, a traditional oil press on esparto baskets.
Small-medium enterprise specialised in the production of olive oil from olives cultivated in our own fields. Different packaging (glass bottles, metal cans) and olive varieties (arbequina, picual, arbosana and koroneiki) are available.
We produce organic and conventional oils.
Spain - Quel, La Rioja
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Vins Mallofré
The MALLOFRÉ family have been winegrowers since 1898.  It was in 2012 when the current generation started bottling the wine under its own brand.
We own 35 hectares located in the Natural Parc of Foix, a protected area at 50 kms from Barcelona.
In our vineyard sheep take care of the vines.
The wine is produced with no haste, allowing it to mature with no aggression and bringing to every process its necessary conditions of coolness, warmth and time.
Spain - Santa Margarida i els Monjos
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VR Aceti
VR ACETI was founded in the Modena countryside, an area famous around the world for its production of balsamic vinegar. We are pound of our culinary heritage which rooted in this area for generations and handed down by families who have always lived there.
Italy - Carpi(MO)
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Sport’N Bio
In 2018, we created our family business in Lyon, aware of the need to fundamentally change the way we feed ourselves and take our part in the preservation of our planet.
In order to do that, we decided to create sweet and healthy products at the same time. We are transforming raw ingredients into two products: Chocolate spread and Peanut Butter and Raw energy Balls.
Our claim is simple: Tasty, Healthy and Simple. Our products are made with a Clean Label, only a few ingredients for each product.
France - Lyon
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Mellifera Ltd. produces pure honey and honey-based products, which are distributed on worldwide markets. Our honey is sourced from few specially selected bio apiaries situated at best unpolluted regions of Bulgaria. The superfoods, which we add to the honey, are bio certified as well –freeze-dried fruits, raw cacao powder, and various herbal extracts. Our honey-based spreads are healthy alternative to jams or chocolate cream, as they are free from lactose, gluten, artificial flavoring, GMO and added sugar.
Bulgaria - Sofia
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Giuliano Caffè
Giuliano Caffè is an Italian artisanal high quality coffee roaster, active since 1950 in the Ho.Re.Ca and retail gourmet market.
Our coffees come along with a very appealing accessories line for the Ho.Re.Ca market. All high quality Made in Italy products specifically created to turn the coffee moment into an emotion.  
Besides, at our academy Giuliano Coffee School, we train baristas and partners into the science behind coffee. At our headquarters in Caluso we offer professional courses of Latte Art, Brewing and Barista skills.
In 2014, in the heart of San Salvario in Turin, we founded Orso Laboratorio Caffè. We started our Specialty Coffee Shop to introduce to the Italian market the Specialty Coffee and alternative brewing methods.
Italy - Torino
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Sana Plant Extract srl
Our journey began in 2014, when we took a totally unknown road, driven by the goal of obtaining healthy, 100 per cent made in Romania products. We researched crops which would thrive in our country and we came up with the idea of a field of medicinal herbs. 
Aromela products are made entirely from fruits harvested from our organic orchard.
The main features of all our products are:
Romania - Sat Catunu, Comuna Cornesti
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SpecialCoffee srl
Since 1999, SpecialCoffee blends aroma, taste and crema for the perfect “made in Italia” espresso coffee. We are committed to quality from product origin, carefully researching and selecting raw materials, importing best coffees directly from origin Countries and, according with the Italian tradition, blending, slow roasting and air cooling. For a perfect espresso, naturally! Between tradition (enhancing the coffee’s natural qualities of taste and aroma) and innovation, sustainability and corporate responsibility (ethical, social, environmental). To provide a wide range of coffee blends in beans, grounds and pods. SpecialCoffee is passion for coffee proudly made with quality in Italia.
Italy - Rogolo (SO)
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Tsangarides Cyprus Winery
The Tsangarides winery is the next generation of Cypriot wines. Our avowed philosophy is to blend old school traditions with new school style. Our youth, energy, and passion coupled with the distinct sense of place that wine brings to our lives, allow us to produce wines of great character, and distinction. The wine scene in Cyprus is now flourishing and we are extremely proud to be considered as one of the key wineries at the leading edge of this long-awaited revival of our countries wine industry. The Tsangarides winery is situated in the lovely old village of Lemona. It is here our great-great-grandfather prepared the land and planted out the first vineyards, tending and nurturing the fruit of the vine in much the same way as his descendants do today. Then, the wine made was primarily for domestic consumption, but slowly, over decades the accumulated knowledge gleaned from travel and education via foreign winemakers has resulted in the wines being acclaimed as one of the best examples of a boutique winery supplying consistently high-quality wines for the table.
Cyprus - Paphos