Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas Oy
Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas is largest and one of the oldest craft breweries in Finland. Our story started in 1995 with retro style lemonades, that still are in production. In 1997 we started brewing cider and one year later also beer. Our ciders brought us awards and enabled us to grow in the beginning. We started to take the market share from the big ones.
Today our most important products are the gluten-free Kukko beers, which we started brewing 20 years ago. Kukko became officially the first gluten-free full malt beer in the world in 2005 and now it has become the most valued beer brand sold in Finland according to a consumer brand survey.
Our brewery is a forerunner in environmentally friendly production. We have used only renewable electricity since 2001 and today we have also solar power plant on our brewery roof. We have been ranked as the greenest brewery in Finland. We pack only into cans and glass bottles, not into plastic, and everything is recycled.
Our brewery is privately owned and independent, which enables us to be flexible, fast moving and innovative. We have a personal touch in everything, so in Finland it’s not only the company and the products, but also our people are known by their names.
Finland - Laitila
Superfood Beers SRL
Superfood Beers is a range of organic beers with innovative flavors and a moderate alcohol content. At the end of the brewing process we incorporate superfood ingredients which have an aromatic richness. These include lucuma, acai and yuzu among others.
Belgium - Mons
Si Ko Ltd
Si Ko Ltd - The world of Bulgarian sunflower kernels with respect for Nature
Bulgaria - Dolna Mitropolia
Societa' Agricola Pisciotta srls
We produce the (local) autochthonous Nocellara del Belice Olives DOP (Protected Denomination of Origin) by three generations.
The company has the total control of the complete chain of production from the cultivation, harvesting, processing an packaging, possessing more than 30 ha of olives grove on its own and a consolidated network of lenders
The production is done in the industrial plant in “Campobello di Mazara” town. It’s equipped by production and packaging systems which, while respecting artisan production methods, ensure a high and flexible production capacity.
The company operates in the Italian and international market, even with large customers.
The range of products is positioned in the medium-high segment of the market, both in the HORECA and in RETAIL and GDO channel.
Italy - Campobello di Mazara (TP), Sicily
Le terre di zoè
The company produces fresh fruits and transforms them into juices, jams and olive oil. All the products, the fruits and the laboratory processing are certified organic. The plants we grow are: - Oranges - Clementine - Lemons - Pomegranate - Kiwi - Avocado – Olive. Our products have the “only fruit sugars” characteristic. We do not use preservatives, thickeners and dyes - Craftsmanship - We transform our fruit within 48 hours of harvesting.
Italy - Gioia Tauro
Viticultors Del Priorat
Viticultors del Priorat was born in 1997, blending passion for wine and bond to the land.
Through our history, we have evolved and understood our natural environment and our own labour.
Since we bought the property, different projects have followed; and what originally was an attempt to make our activity sustainable, have finalized with the organic certification of all of our vineyards and wines in 2019.
To celebrate this achievement, we have increased our portfolio with new releases; all of them expect to be the reflect of the vineyard in which they are born and an evidence of the attention and care that we take in the winery.
Spain - Bellmunt del Priorat
L'Arcolaio soc. cooperativa - Organic products
L’Arcolaio produces traditional Sicilian sweets and other typical products of Sicily using organic raw materials from local agriculture and fair trade networks, promoting the social and occupational integration of prisoners and other disadvantaged people. All products are branded Dolci Evasioni (sweet escapes in Italian).
Italy - Syracuse
Cafés Richard
Cafés Richard is a traditional French style coffee roaster linked to the French gastronomy. Inspiring the confidence of its 41,000 CLIENTS through premium quality and service, Cafés Richard firmly holds onto its position as LEADER IN FRANCE’S HORECA market for hot beverages solutions and now reaches coffee lovers around the world through an INTERNATIONAL NETWORK of selected distributors.
France - Gennevilliers
Created in 1859, PAGÈS, a tea and herbal tea company, is located in Le Puy-en-Velay, in the heart of Auvergne French region. This exceptional soil, by its geography and climate, has produced a remarkable mountain flora.
France - Le Puy-en-Velay
LOOV Organic OÜ
Imagine walking in the pristine wilderness, eating hand-picked berries: Your taste buds bloom explosively, and you feel the primordial force with every cell of your body! This is the feeling LOOV wants to bring you all year round.
Estonia - Tallinn