100% made with pre-phylloxera grapes
Made entirely with Verdejo grapes from vines planted in free standing with ages close to 100 years from the Nieva hawks.
After its manual harvest, the must ferments at a low temperature to maintain all its fruit and mineral power. A clean and bright straw yellow wine with the typical greenish reflections of the Verdejo variety.
It is presented with contained aromatic intensity but of great complexity, characterized by the minerality typical of the terrain, notes of slate, accompanied by well-integrated, fresh white fruit. In the same way, we find balsamic and notes of aromatic herbs typical of the variety.
The entry is very silky as a result of aging on fine lees, without losing the Verdejo character in its final bitterness that gives it length. Again, we find the presence of balsamic aromas and good acidity in the aftertaste.
The result is a fresh, elegant wine with aromatic complexity, with great breadth in the mouth that makes it persistent. A whim that will surprise you when you drink it.

MartĂșe D. O. Pago & Blanco Nieva D.O. Rueda
Bodegas MartĂșe / D.O. Pago: in the city of Toledo. It is a winery that belongs to the D.O. Pago which is the highest classification of Spanish wines, where there are only 19 wineries in the country which have differential characteristics in their climate and vineyard that make the wines unique and recognizable. Besides, the highest level of viticultural exigency is required in the production procedures to guarantee excellence.
Blanco Nieva / D.O. Rueda: It is a mythical winery for having the oldest Verdejo vineyards in Spain, pre-phylloxeric and centenary. We are located in a secluded area of the high and cold mountains of Segovia city, and our wines are among the most sought after in the D.O. Rueda for presenting wines with different acidity, but above all, with greater sensorial connotations.
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